Tuesday, February 07, 2006


G'day all!

Dontcha hate it when you carefully line up the about to be cast on sock so that the stripes match up neatly and you discover that there is a KNOT in the yarn right were the big toe nail would sit?

So you pull out another repeat, thanking the Great Maker (either a Centauri god or jms - I've been watching too much B5 recently) that you don't have repeats that are half a sock long (eg the uglee yarn) cos otherwise you'd have to start on the outside of the ball and work backwards (though I really don't think it would make any difference with this yarn) and have a fraternal twin sock.

Yes, this means that one of DH's valentine's socks is done. Except for one teensy little problem - a dropped stitch on the sole about 10 rows before the heel started. D'OH! I'll find some thread and tie it in.

Plus I've worked out that I can do the butterfly wings socks in a finer gauge and just do more repeats of the pattern. OK, I'll have to wing the heel (so to speak) but I'll work something out! This is supposed to be a challenge after all!

No pics - too slack. I put a photostory on the houseblog instead - very boring to most but a good record for us!


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  1. Oh, I love the house blog! We are in year 12 of renovating an enormous old farmhouse (and I think we've finally passed the halfway point). I wish blogs had been around when we started. No electricity, no hot water, and rain coming in on our ground-floor bed in a two-story house.

    Keep us posted.


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