Something other than a sock

G'day all!

I have held out on you for too long!

Looky what was added to my stash this week:

"OOooh!" says DH, who loves pumpkin colours.

"Ahhhh!!!" says Lynne, who loves pinky colours and sock yarn.
(Both of those are from Dreamcatcher - isn't she lovely? She picked out yarn for each of us!)

EEEEE! THis is the thing DH does not know about, though he does and doesn't mind, much. After all he has bought himself about $2000 of stuff recently.

Check out the amount of fleece, the type and the price!

(no bigger image)
Ooooohhhhhhh..... It is lovely and soft - the nicest fleece I've bought so far, excepting maybe the suri alpaca (bought a year ago and still waiting to be spun up!). I thought that comeback is a crossbred merino and it is - one of its grandparents was not a merino, its mum was crossbred back to a merino ram and this is the resulting fleece!

Now I admit that I don't know when I'll get a chance to process it and spin it but life can be a bit odd and it soon enough will be winter and I'll only be able to spend weekends in the garden. Then I might be able to spin it, but first I'll have to give it a wash or dye some up or whatever I am going to do.

Oh be over you stupid knitting olympics - I need to get on with my life!

Sock has made little progress - had to rip out about 10 rows over the last two days and reknit twice cos I made a dumb counting error. Still, it is nearly there. Nearly finished the gusset. Only the foot to go. Please let me finish it soon, o knitting goddess!

Here's a flower spray for you - some sort of billardiera I think. Very pretty. It is climbing up the stem of another plant.

Gotta get out of the study. Typed stuffy, and it is tonight cos it is over 30 inside at present. 30 celcius that is. 35-odd today - I am frying! It has only been in the low 20s and suddenly BANG! I am lterally starting to drip sweat. YUCK!



  1. Hey honey, I'm still about, keeping up with my fav blogs (Yep, you're on that list!!) But PLEASE, no more references to the heat - its freezing over here and you telling us how hot it is down there is making us all jealous! lol
    I'm guessing the olympic socks need a boost, so here I go 'Go Lynne, Go Lynne !' *mexican wave in front of monitor!*

  2. Lovely addition to your stash there, nice colours. Had my first spinning lesson yesterday, so I am looking at fleece a whole lot differently now.

  3. Flowers. Ah... soon enough it will be spring here.

    Happy sock knitting this weekend, with good counting mojo.

  4. Enjoy the yarn!

    That fleece looks like quite a bargain. Best of luck with the socks, you're not the only Olympic Knitter who has had counting issues this week! Can't be helping with all that heat, send some our way eh :-)

  5. Impressive stash enhancement!! All beautiful!

    Stay cool :)


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