Going for LEAD! (or maybe tin)

G'day all!

Well today started off nicely - sunrise was interesting.

It sorta got a little crappier after that. A couple of days ago, one of my colleagues was having "one of *those* days" (and he's male so it wasn't a hormonal day). Well, he gave the "one of *those* days" bug to me. He say it only lasts for 24 hours. Here's hoping!

First of all I found a problem in the sock, so I frogged it back a bit. Started knitting it again as I sat on the train. Pulled it off the needles again. Realised I couldn't get it back on the needles before reaching the city. Left it in the bag all day.

Got to work. We have a long in the mooting and now reality conference coming up. I had been allocated a room with a MAN. Not my husband - family is not invited to this work conference. Not someone I said I wanted to share with. Nope, a bloke who I know from work. A real man who eats lots of garlic and I bet farts a whole lot of it too. (No offence but like I know what men are like - I live with one!) So I emailed them and asked them was I really bunking up with a bloke.

ooh, sorry, they squeal in an email, terribly sorry, terrible mistake.

Then I realised what had happened. Some of you know I have a PhD (trust me they are not given out for braininess but actually for sheer pigheadedness and refusal to let the b@stardly thing get you down). I used my title on the info sheet. I reckon that they decided that because I am Dr Lynne I must be a bloke....

So that got fixed up post haste.

Then the laptop wouldn't load windoze 10 minutes before a presentation (not mine thank god!). It died in the butt! Talk about inconweenient. So we ran around to find another laptop just to find it didn't have stuff loaded on it that we sorta expected.... More running around to get it right this time.

Other stuff happened, like discovering that our shared drive on the server won't take a 24meg file (powerpoint - how they got it so huge I just don't know), and powerpoint having conniptions over the presentation and dying in the butt lots.

Then in the afternoon we got a new laptop! It was going to take days to rebuild the old one and it was about to be replaced shortly so they gave us a new one. Yay new lappy! It has wifi and all, not that we have wifi in the building yet.

Anyway, there is a bit of a tale with the sock. Here is what it looked like an hour or so ago.

Ooops. I could not figure out what had gone so badly wrong (I had two extra stitches that turned into four and really fouled it up) so I frogged the lot! And I wound 40g of sock yarn onto the ball winder cos that is the most any of my socks have taken and broke the yarn. Now of course I will need 42g cos it is lace.... but we will spit splice if we need to.

So thanks, BigBird for the barracking and never ending support - I'm going for lead at present! A week in and I now have 4cm of sock to show for it. LOL. Ah well, I've got a few days to go and with a bit of application and careful pattern reading, I will get this thing whacked! I may yet do a Bradbury and come up with a most unusual gold!

Here's some yarn p0rn for you some - I got carried away with the ball winder.

On top we have 50g of laceweight from Fibreworks (RMB 7212, Horsham, Victoria, Australia, 3401 - can't find a website any longer) and underneath some self striping sock yarn from A Taste of Vermont. Funily enough the laceweight cake is about 2/3 the size of the sock yarn, but because of the angle of the pic it looks almost as big!

Plus as I said yesterday, Kellie got me this Vesper sock yarn - gloat gloat gloat - we are the only people in Oz known to have it, gloat gloat! I have to have something special for me cos it has been a crap few days.... The colour in the top pic is more representative of course cos it doesn't show the yarn much. I think the amount of red, pink and orange oversaturated the camera's little eyeball.

(can you tell I am a colour addict? You won't find much brown or taupe or grey in my yarn collection!)

anon! (if blogger ever lets me post this - it has died in the butt AGAIN! That is every day this week just as I've tried to post! Like what sorta bad karma is sticking with me?)


  1. Ah, beautiful yarn pictures to start my day out right - thanks!

    Hope your 24-hour "bug" passes quickly.

  2. Fire in the sky? YUM.

    I couldn't believe anyone in this day and age could assume someone who is Dr is automatically male. Who can I hit? No, I'm a pacifist really. really.

    PSHope your feeling better.
    PPSTa for your post to my blog.

  3. oy, sounds like you had a rough day. and no, it wasn't you, blogger has been an ass for a few days, apparently. they've decided to close off all links to websites. queerjoe was down for most of february while he figured out a new link.

    and the yarn looks delish

  4. bugger about the sock!! Lets hope it works out real soon and you can fly through it.

    LOVE the yarn!!

    Please dont pass the "one of THOSE days" bug onto me ;) lol


  5. Poor You!! Scientists have proven that there really are such things as 'Bad Hair' days, so I don't see why there shouldn't be just 'Bad' days. Can't believe they automatically assumed you were a man!!!?? What's going on???
    Oh, that sock!!! I reckon you CAN do a Bradbury!!
    Beautiful yarn. Love the colours even though they're not green!!
    Yes, I was updating The Labradors' blog and it took 5 goes to upload a photo!!!

  6. I love that Vesper yarn! Your colorline is gorgeous. Sock will eventually get done, right? That's what I tell myself.

    Geez. I know Lynn can be a man's name but how often? And just because it was prefaced by Dr? Goons.

  7. Cor, loving that bottom yarn colour. Bottom yarn??

    I find that swearing helps me in times like these. Swear with me now!!! &**%!!$**

  8. Lovely new yarn. Sorry the sock is giving you such hassle. Don't worry I think I already have the "bad day" thing *wry smile*. Parcel incoming by the way :-)

    The male/female mix up happened to me years and years ago, except it wasn't me they mixed up - it was a bloke called Pat (assume shortened from somethign like Patrick). They assumed he was a she and paired us up to share a suite at an awayday :-D It was pretty funny, we did still share as everything was separate :-D


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