Over it! After this, no more pity par-tay!

G'day all!

NEWSFLASH! Read the link! Join in the fun on 11th June and KIP!

I am over these self-piteous whinings. Let's face it, I don't get much sympathy! (Having said that, let me say thank you to all those who have commented recently! I am surprised you didn't give me a kick in the pants!) No sympathy from the Husband who is whining cos he has to get a paper tidied up by Friday and finish the first chapter and outstanding bit in the first draft of his thesis by Monday and whose un-aunt died on Sunday so we have to do the funeral on Saturday.

If you managed to translate what I said in the first paragraph, Nathan only has to finish the introduction before his first draft is complete. If he does that, he can move to full time work in the group, which means FULL TIME MONEY! Huzzah! Unless the rest of the group kicks him out. Boo hiss!

I have to work on my CV but it is hard without input from elsewhere cos I might think it looks great but others can drive a (?24 horsepower?) London double-decker omnibus through the obvious holes in it. I am waaay too shy to demonstrate my own crap ability to sell myself by putting my CV on the web. EEK! The sheer thought makes me want to crawl under the bed and hide. We have a futon, BTW, and I am not a wee slim thing by any means.... I have to put in an app for a job by Friday, which leaves me only one night to get it done. Then I have to re-tailor my CV for a different sort of job in a publishing area. No hope of getting it cos I don't have any official training in editing and proofing and that sort of stuff, even though I spent, for example, three hours of today editing and proofing a training module written by one of my beloved but non-grammatical teammates. (This isn't the one I was whinging about yesterday.) I am not quite sure how he has managed to get through life not knowing where to put apostrophes or the difference between there and their but he has. For someone who tends to prefer to be easy going, I suddenly turn into a grammar and spelling pedant (read enn a zed eye) when it is *my* professional appearance on the line. I extend that courtesy to those I associate because I don't want them to look bad, let alone illiterate, in front of others (and heaven help if they are giving a presentation to the big BIG boss, which one did with a HEAP of errors in it! Ack!).

I thought this was a very interesting post by Annie about why people blog, particularly knitters. What sorts of cliquey groups are springing up on the blogs? Why are people feeling left out? WHo doens't wnat to go to maryland and meet up with other blogger whom you've never met and haven't even read the blogs of cos if you read every knitblog in the world, you'd have a 24/7 job doing so!

At my bloginality showed the other day, I am an iNFp (tell me something I don't know). In real life, I am quite quiet and self-contained. (Watch out for me zipping around the burbs in my little green car though - I am a dangerous woman then! Not that I speed, mainly becuase I cant afford the fines and also feel that the limits are there for a reason, but I like to *drive* my car not bumble around with a ton of metal around me, drifting along. Oh and watch out for me in the twisty bits cos they are FUN!)

I have never been part of the "in" crowd. I never wanted to be. If we had had a high school prom, I certainly would not have had a partner and would not have bothered going. I've never been good at political stuff and I do my best to treat everyone as if they are a human being, not something to stick the boot into as you launch yourself higher. I like to include people cos I know how yucky it is to feel left out. I used to be dreadfully shy but I gave up on that when I realised that by never pushing myself forward, I never got noticed and never talked to people I really wanted to talk to. Of course the other side of that coin is that when a well-known knitblogger emails me or leaves a comment I feel all pleased and excited, like a dog thrown a bone or something. Oh wow! I got noticed! So and so reads my blog! (Quickly followed by dunno why!) Yes it is pathetic! But it is me. The same thing happened when I talked to various of the B5 actors. The more matey they were, the more I liked them. Funny, eh? I guess it is part of the human thing of wanting to be noticed and liked, cos let's face it, for 18 years of my life I was not well liked by anyone outside of family. I was not the same as most of the other girls.

I've never been one of those girls who jumps up and down and squeals over a guy or a new prada handbag or a pair of shoes. I like to dress nicely, sometimes, and love stuff from the 40s and 50s but I am not a girly girl. I am much better at talking footy with the boys than talking makeup and perfume and fake tans with the girls.

I am thankful to have found some really good friends along the way, other girls like me. Which sorta brings me to why do I blog?

Initially it was to keep in touch with various friends around the place. It isn't always easy to drop that email off and tell half a dozen people what is going on unless you spam them instead of doing it individually. If you can write it once, it is easier. Plus it has pictures, when I can be stuffed taking them. It is also to keep a vague record of the things I have made and the things I have done. It is to try to make connections to other knitters out there (that is why comments and emails are so nice). It is so that I can feel a part of a crowd that I would like to belong to, rather than the vapid masses. It is to give me a voice in the wilderness and take me away from the unrewarding nature of my work. It is all about ME ME ME! (but that doesn't stop me getting excited when I see a big name blogger has left a comment or even just visited... LOL)

Phew- after all that, who doens't need a drink! Pass the mint julep. No make that the national drink of Australia. On third thoughts, I don't want beer. It will make me ill. Umm, ok, I'll just have some water thanks!



  1. Glad you're feeling happier! It's pointless trying to give someone a "kick in the pants" - if they are getting over a sad event, bereavement especially, nothing anyone says will make any difference. People find their own way through.

    Very interesting posts re the blog community and hierarchies. I know we have pretty much the same outlook on all of this :-) I like the idea of having a blog and an online diary of sorts, so friends can keep uo to date without multiple emails going out and not enough time to write them!

  2. trust me, i understand the excitement, too! i had THE harlot comment once on my blog, and i about went into spasms! and yes, i understand the other part, too. i was a bit of an outcast as a child as well. the difference for me is that i got along well with younger kids, and older ones, and not my own age group. i guess i ran with the "nerds." i'm different now, and that's for sure, lol!

  3. I know all that left out feeling. I read blogs that have so many other people posting on them and I wonder "where did I go wrong? What do I need to do?" I found the more I posted on other peoples blogs the more I started getting people commenting back on mine.

    I have always been a bit of an outsider ;) I am use to it now! lol


  4. Oooh I have to ask a favour. That pic of the yarn you sent me for my Birthday? Would I be allowed to use the pic from your blog to put on my blog to show people what you sent? Its a great picture you took and I still cant find my digi!!

  5. I have had THE carrie (carrioke's blog) comment on mine and I have made a nice little group of people I consider friends through commenting on their blogs and them commenting on mine. I never fit in at school either. I was always "one of the boys" never one of the girls. I found at school girls were too bitchy. Now I'm waffling lol


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