Are you lonesome tonight?

G'day all!

I'm feeling a little lonesome today. Nathan is out. Normally I enjoy my night off but I'm getting two to three nights off, plus Sunday arvo, from Nathan a week at present due to his commitment to an amateur show. Nathan plays piano like a pro. He also is fascinated by organs. Not that sort of organ! The sort you find in churches and concert halls! But he does like BIG organs!

So I am sitting at home on my lonesome, thinking I should ring my sister for her 25th wedding anniversary - I didn't realise it was her silver anniversary until 10 minutes ago otherwise I would've done some thing about it. She is unlikely to be home though cos she studies a lot. She's got a much longer string of quals than me but my shortest qual (PhD) trumps all of hers. My other sister sometimes whinges that she never went to uni but that was her choice. She's done all right without it.

So today I cast on for a pair of mittens. Yep, you heard that right. Stuff the pink top and the jacket and the things I have to make for the beanie festival and the scarf festival. I want mittens and I want them NOW! They are a practice run for the next pair of mittens I will make out of some of my homespun yarn. The next set will be thrummed. Yep, you heard that right too. Thrummed. I said I didn't need thrummed mittens here in Oz. Yes indeedy I did say that. After two mornings where it was somewhere between freezer and fridge temps, I want me some thrummed mitts! My hands get so cold I can't bend my fingers. I'd get frostbite firshir if I lived somewhere really cold. No pics - how exciting would you find five rounds of 2X2 rib in dark plasticine purple merino and soie?

Newsflash - cause of mysterious footprints found!

We have been aware that at least one of the cats drinks out of the loo. The dirty footprints on the seat and bowl were a giveaway. Then we heard creaking sounds, as when the toot seat is sat on. As you can see we have evidence! Yes, Nutmeg joins a long line of cats who drink out of the toot. The last one we had was Mo, our fluffy ginger boy. I wish I had got the look on her face when she looked up - well, excuse me! How about a little PRIVATE time here??? She looked totally offended.


This may be a little morbid for some but I took pics of the flowers I was given and the coffin "wreath." The flowers are pretty. Plus it makes me feel all sorta warm inside to be given things. Thank you D&K for these:

And chirokath and Maureen for this living floral tribute - stripy pinks! My favourite!

Then there were these on the coffin - real purty! Note the pic was taken on my sister's back patio, not on the coffin. No we didn't use a plastic outdoor table as a coffin. LOL.

Finally one rose from the garden. This is not the last of the roses by any means - I expect I will have some flowers all the way through winter, though not from many of the Austins. This is an Austin rose called "the Mayflower" - appropriate, eh? (OK so the Mayflower was a ship)

I am still jealous about all the Maryland fun. I can look forward to the Victorian Handknitters' Guild annual fibre frolic at the start of June, and the Bendi sheep show in July - I am already starting to save my pennies for those cos I am going to try to stick to a budget. I know, I know, I am Too Good. Yeah, right! if I can stick to a budget I will be extremely surprised.

Enough rambling for tonight, so



  1. Anonymous4:48 am

    Can you teach the cat to clean the toilet? ;)
    How good is the Bendigo wool festival? I've never been to Victoria, but I'm considering asking for a holiday down there around the time of the festival, maybe next year. We have friends in Melbourne, how far is Bendigo from Melbourne? As you can tell, it's still only a vague idea :)

  2. Anonymous4:49 am

    That comment was from me :)
    Random Knits

  3. The toilet interloper... caught on film!!!!!

    Lovely flowers.

    When I complete my mystery cat thing, I'm going to make some mittens, too :)

  4. Glad to see you found who belonged to the toilet tippler.

    It has been a bit cold & frosty in my part of Tassie so it's not just where you are.


  5. Yep one of our cats drink from the loo too. But he doesnt hide the fact.

    Its been FREEZING down here. We have our fire alight to keep warm.

    The flowers are beautiful.



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