Kill me. Kill me now.

Before things get even worse. Stop the pain.

Today started off reasonably well. A nice foggy morning, a bit stressful to drive in cos unless the cars had their headlights on (like HELLO?? why haven't you got your headlights on you ****brain in that silver Golf? Oh and look another ****brain in a silver Golf without their headlights on. What, is it necessary to be brainless if you drive a silver Golf? After all silver cars are sooooo safe - local tests show they are involved in fewer accidents than any other car. Just cos silver cars in silver fog blend beautifully) you couldn't see them 20m away.

My sarcasm meter is waaaaaay high at present.

It got steadily worse. My train was not heated. Considering it was about 12 degrees this morning, it made it considerably cold. Work was heated, which was nice. Heated for a little while until the turbine above my desk kicked in and cooled everything down.

Now normally I would throw things like this off. Nyeh. Whatever. But all these dumb little things are building up.

Then there was the little incident with the training I have to roll out on the 30th of this month. You see it involves a Process. I have to train people in a new Process. My senior flickpassed this training to me after knowing about it for the last 5 months and being involved with all the meeting about what is needed.

Only the new Process has not been written yet. Noone has looked at what the people need to do and how they can do it and how it will impact on their very strict quality/quantity standards.

I was given this training to do last week. I had to finish off the training that was meant to be run this week before I could look at this new training in depth.

Today I flagged some major issues with the people who want the training to be run.

Such as who is writing the Process?

Who is signing off the Process?

(those of you who work in business may be aware that Process design and sign off requires somewhat more than 8 business days, especially when different business units are involved. Two different units are directly involved and a third is indirectly involved.)

Another important question. I am supposed to be training 16 people.

Significantly more than 16 people need to know about the Process because they need to use that Process in every second task they do in their daily role.

In particular, the guys in INDIA need to know because they do 90% of one part of the work.

Do we have any Indian trainees in the course?

I'll let you guess.

Onto something nicer. Onto dreams. Dreams are all I have left at present.


Neither Cleg's nor Lincraft seem to have the sort of fusible webbing bonding stuff that is used for applique. This is mildly annoying because I have discovered that I could make quilts without having to do the bit I really hate - sewing. Sometimes I enjoy sewing but I get over fussy fiddly sewing *really* quickly. Now I can go online and get lots of bonding stuff (note that is bonding stuff) with a flick of the credit card but I am trying to be good and stick (no pun intended) to my budget. Plus I have soooo much spinning and knitting to do in the next month anyway.... BTw, check out some of Melody's quilts. She loves colourful stuff :-)

Oh who am I kidding? I can't take up yet another hobby. I have to knit up two scarves and three beanies in within a month. Plus a little baggy for a friend's wedding. Plus stuff for her husband too. I have easily 2 kilos of merino/mix to spin, along with about 200g of silk, and the sock wool too. Plus the three alpaca fleeces. Like as if I don't have enough to spin for the next six months and maybe two years.... Not that that will stop me buying more! MORE! More fleece! More colours to mix and blend in my own special way. I would love to get a set of hackles (not the ones attached to me or the cats or hopefully any living being), no a set of enormous combs like the ones on Sheila's blog so that I could mix colours like they are mixed in Colour in Spinning. Like drool-d-rool. Not that I want to make heathered yarns but stripey ones are great. A drum carder would be good too cos then I could card up the alpaca without having to send it to Supasoft. Wonder if I can borrow a drum carder
from the handweavers guild? Must ask my contact. I am a member but I haven't clued on to exactly how borrowing equipment works yet.

Here is a nice pic for you for even thinking to bother reading this.


  1. That work thing sounds like a real nightmare. Don't you just love it when people sit on things until the last minute, then make it our crisis? Good luck with getting it sorted out.

    I'm surprised Lincraft don't have the fusible webbing - I know I've bought it from them in the past. I've also seen it at Spotlight, but haven't bought any for a couple of years. It is good for patchwork & applique, but I find I still need to finish the edges if the item's going to be washed or handled much, 'cos they tend to fray otherwise. - There, aren't I a good little enabler? ;-)

  2. My mantra (which I have suggested be written in large lettering on the wall at work) - "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute a crisis on mine". We see the kind of stupidity ladled out by your senior all too often. There are way too many utter incompetents in management positions! Pity the poor grunts who have to actually do the work in a fraction of the time it should have taken (can you tell this subject hits a little close to home! LOL). Don't let the b*s*a*ds grind you down, you are way better than they could ever hope to be :-)


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