June is bustin out all over!

G'day all!

This may turn into a very insensible blog today. I'm writing this at 12:15pm and in an hour I will have happy drugs in me and be in what I can only presume will be a rather inelegant position.... I may not make a lot of sense after the sedatives. Drugs, man!

Dang! Drugs have not had a lot of effect on me! Gut is still a bit sad though!

OK, here is some of the stuff I've been working on recently.

About 100g (say 4oz) of 80/20 moorit merino/alpaca with bits of browny and bluey/green silks:

This is a really nice soft yarn, even though I overspun the singles here and there.

A lurid scarf in hand-dyed mohair (by moi!) and el cheapo black fuzzy yarns, most likely to go to the scarf festival:

The back of the pink top! Yes it really does exist!

And finally, the star of the show, the Sassy Stripe Lorna's laces, now becoming a sock! Yaay!

The big purge, day two

Woke up once last night, mainly because I had drunk so much fluid. I drank over a litre of fluid after my picolax at 7am. I was saving the jelly until just before 9am, when I had to stop eating, but I ate it all before 7:30.... oops.

The worst bit so far has been the hypoglycaemia. I had a really bad spell around 10:30 when I became excessively hungry. I sat and span my way through it, in more than one way! I contemplated having a few grains of sugar under my tongue, but just thinking about it seemed to help.

The other thing I've noticed is that I must already be in ketosis cos my breath is FERAL! I can take on the cats in the bad breath stakes now. However, only diabetics should be in ketosis. Must talk with the doctor.

OOgh - they will see I am an au naturel girl. Noone is coming near me with a brazilian wax job!

So I go to the endoscopy place. Walkz in (they charge a $2 fee for the car park!) after nathan drops me off, have to fill out paperwork. Get changed into a blue paper disposable thing and a dressing gown over that. Blood pressure 130/90 - highest ever reading but my pulse rate was high too. Something to do with stress I feel.... They get you to sign away your life on the trolley that they do the colonoscopy on!!! But my signature was not very good cos the anaesthetist torniqueted my left arm and I am left handed. I could deny it is my signature, except I know it was my signature.

I had to lay on my left side with my legs tucked up, had to have a "mouth guard" put in my mouth, then the anaesthetist did something. I woke up with a nurse checking me. She got me on my feet and I wobbled to the recliner chair and sat down with my legs up. After about 5 maybe 10 minutes I was bright as bright can be. A bit woozy but not bad. I think it was about 1:45 at this stage. So we chatted and she helped more people out - they sure do pump 'em through so to speak!

The gas in my gut gurgled lots - it was more painful than the rest of the procedure, including the purging. It seems I still have some fluid in me too, along with the air they use to pump open your gut.

Outcome? Gut is fine. They took a couple of samples to check but so far so good. I have to go back in 3-5 years. Unlike one bloke who has a red raw descending colon - that'll be why he is having problems! The last person to come out of the theatre when I was there was totally out of it. I was perky not long after, she was pretty much drooling and asleep. Different people are affected differently.

Nathan and I went off to get some food from Uncle Rick's (I would link to it but it seems the site is down). Nathan had borrowed his dad's car. I was the one telling him that there is a car there, you can't go and you need to get in this lane and if you go this way it should be quicker....and at Bunnings on the way back he stopped to get some pipe and I scarfed my pink filled lamington (gf and df) YUM. Nathan left the key in the car and the radio playing for me. came back and hopped in the car with his stuff he needed, put the car in drive and put his foot on the accelerator and NOTHING! The car rolled about 6 inches. Then he put his foot back on the brake, put it back into park and started the car. LOL! And they say I am unfit to drive!

Hmm, still making awful gurgles and I am hungry and tired. It seems we are still purging... ick.

So would I do it again? Yep. Apart from the hungry problem, it was not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I have had bouts of diarrhoea that were far far worse than what I've suffered so far. Currently I feel like I've got a bit of irritable bowel happening. That is it.

On that charming note, I bid you



  1. Glad to hear it didnt go as bad as you thought it would

    You sound like me when it comes to drs, hospitals and the sort. I HATE them..Unless I am going to he maternity ward (visiting newborns now giving birth to them) I dont feel comfortable in hospitals.


  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Hello Lynne,
    I'm loving your blogg. Glad your 'C' went well. I truely identify with your description of "the big clean out". I know what you mean about the gurgles,the chills & the breath. yuk! From 10pm til midnight I cried, exhausted. Well,there are tender parts that shouldn't have to suffer burn from all that food acid.(Is that how little sheepies feel? It is being cruel to be kind.) Like you I was ravenous afterwards, too - & I think I should have driven home ... hubby was hopeless ... with worry, perhaps?
    It really is worth the discomfort to know you're ok :-D
    Wishing you continuing Good Health, (& good yarning)
    -Jay from Melb


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