10 degrees

G'day all!

Here's a wierd coincidence for you.

It is 10 degrees C at Melbourne Airport, and at Blackpool, England, and at Coventry, England, and blasted Toronto has to be different at 11 degrees (you Canadians!). I monitor overseas places just cos I either have friends there or know lots of knitbloggers live there. I only have room for one more weather monitor on my toolbar - get your requests in quick! LOL.

I am cold. We can't turn the heating on cos it is full of what smells like dead rat and dust. When we turn the heating on we feel sick instead of being cold. Time to get someone to vacuum it out. We have ducted gas heating - none of this boiler stuff for us. Aussies don't understand boilers. We understand sucking in air and heating it over a gas flame and then pushing it out through tubes and ducts in the floor. We love our ducted heating, except when it stinks. Like now.

Two weeks ago it was probably about 20 degrees at this time of night. Suddenly we have discovered autumn, and the deciduous trees are busily turning autumnal colours. 99.9% of Australian trees are evergreens, so we don't get much of a show. There were spots of frost around this morning when I crept out of home at 7:30 on my way to work. I am over being cold already.

I am so cold that I have to go for a drive to warm up. The heater in the car works well and does not stink of dead rat, thank heavens!

I had best put a bit of knitting content on this. That is after all the idea of a knitting blog.

We have:

a mother in law's hat. Yes, it does have a silver fake fur brim.


Or maybe it is a hat (click on the pic). No, it is not really an odd shape - it's just the way the fig tree attached itself to the hat.

I am still so jealous of all you guys who got to visit Maryland. Like jealous jealous jealous!

Time to go for a little drive to warm up. And get the cats some more food. (the Truth is out!)



  1. Oooh love the beanie! Also adore those colours in the fruit tingle yarn ;) Where did you get the yarn from?



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