G'day all!

Well here at Weedhaven, the seasons they have a turned like really fast.

Last weekend I spent some time in the garden, tidying up weeds, whilst C pulled the weeds in his memorial avenue. I was wearing a tshirt. Today I've been inside, whimpering about how cold it is and wearing two polar fleece tops with the hood up and finishing one of the mittens. (Can't find the little ball of yarn to finish the other mitten. If you see a rather small ball of merino et soie - upitty kiwi yarn with fancy frog language in it - in eggplant, please tell it to hightail it home. I need it.)

OK, you northerners (and I am NOT talking you banana-benders in Queensland) will laugh when I say it is 10 degrees here and it is FREEZING, but last week it was 19. All the way to Tuesday the weather has been bee-yoo-ti-ful. But now we pay. Pretend that we are Californians. On second thoughts, don't. Hi, Californians! Love you! Prefer here!

Topping it off nicely, Nathan has decided that the heating is making us sick (and I must admit now that it is off, my sore throat has mostly disappeared) so we have turned the central heating off again and are keeping the granny flat area warm only.

The spinning wheel is in the loungeroom. So is the TV.

I have found that I can spin when it is only 10 degrees but I cannot knit. My hands and wrists ache when I knit with cold hands, but I can spin, possibly because the tops holding hand can be wrapped up in fluffy wool.

I have plenty of crafty things to do indoors but I want to go outside, dangit! I like pottering in the garden, but when another heavy shower hits nothing can persuade me to stay outside. (What is this stuff falling out of the sky? And what is this really cold sensation coming from the south-west? We haven't experienced that for months and months.) I haven't had a chance to potter around the garden today and I have cabin fever bad already! I am used to an outdoor lifestyle. Even the cats only went out for about an hour and have spent most of the day on the bed. I don't know how people who live in cold climates manage to survive. No wonder you do so much craft - without it you would go mad! And then in summer you are so glad to not have to craft to keep the cold and the dark out.

I've read nearly every blog in my bookmarks and left a few comments here and there. Some of you knit bloggers and sinners, oops, spinners and dyers out there are very clever people. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

I've been reading some interesting stuff on the web too. This article is about the fault lines that run through the heart of Australia. One day Australia will split away from India and head on north and ram into China. That'll be a bit of fun, eh? But it isn't going to be for a very long time so don't go getting your passports and visas ready.

Then some clever people in New Zealand - yes despite what Aussies might say there are clever Kiwis cos I know a few of them - have discovered that nurture can affect people's personalities and you don't want two copies of certain genes.

For those who care, jms is selling "the Book of G'Kar" on ebay, and it looks like it is going to go for just a shade under USD11,000. Yep, eleven thousand smackeroos. There are some big B5 fans out there with a bit of money to spray around, obviously... either that or they are totally desperate and have pawned everything they have.

Melburnians rejoice for both Wendy Dennis and Andyle will be at the fibre fest held by the handknitters' guild on the 5th of June. I've asked them to bring a little fibre along too so that I can go totally nuts. Hooray! There may only be a handful of stalls but it is a great warm up for the Bendi show!

My site meter has some interesting stats on it. Today I looked at where my visitors had come from in the last 24 hours. Usually it is 50% locals - people in my time zone. This time around, I found that the number of North Americans visiting outnumbered the Aussies. Wave if you are reading this blog outside Australia.

I am thinking I might do a blog of my Melbourne. I like taking the camera to work once in a while and taking snaps as I wander around the city. Melburnians will be bored, most likely but would you guys overseas like to see some of my city?

I must get my spinning page up and running. I have to collate all the pics of my yarn and document it (wraps per inch, etc).

It is amazing what you find when you are bored. I found the last four days of pics from our trip to WA for our honeymoon last night. I have to cull them and pull out the best ones so that we can put them up on a webpage. There are some really purdy shots, may I say.

But for now, that is yer bloomin lot. if I sit down any longer I am very likely to explode!



  1. I'm waving at you from finally sunny New Jersey - we've had terribly cold weather here too, and it soared up to the 80's yesterday - as if we needed another reason to all get sick! This AM it is sunny and warmer, but severe T-storm weather may happen later when yet another dang cold front moves thru. But we've not had it as cold as you to need to have the heat on. Hope it warms up on you soon!!

  2. Gee, when we visited Enn Zed in December, it was cold like a California Winter (hmmm, there was no big wardrobe shift from our travel gear to what we had to wear down there. (nice for picking up bargain cold weather wear, I tell you!) Of course, in OZ it was roasting hot...

    You are lucky to be in Oz, except of course for the lack of books and yarn and the general expense of it all, being taxed up the wazoo. (we have delightful terms here, as well...) I keep thinking that your complaints of cold are like a native Californian complaining of the cold. We here in the SF bay area think that the world is ending if it gets to be below 40F.

    Tell us all about whether the PETA boycott of Aussie Merino is even in the news over there. I keep trying to educate people about WHY this and tail docking are part of the program down there. Do you hear about it? I really don't think that it is making much of a difference over here with merino yarn purchases. Do tell.

    The sun is shining now and I will turn and salute to the south west, where it is early Sunday. Have a good day and go jump around.

  3. Yeah it was damn cold down here in Tassie the other night. Got down to ZERO in Launceston. Been a wee bit cold. I love the cold though. Just wish our fire put out better warmth then it did last night! Wasted wood for very little heat! Sigh


  4. Hey, I'm waving from New Jersey, USA, too! The last couple days we've thankfully had some sun, but each day has ended in rain. We've got a long holiday weekend this week, so hoping the weather holds out!

  5. Waving from Canada! We'd love to see the sights of your day in Melbourne. Too bad about that FREEZING weather ..heh. Does it get any colder than that or is 10"C all you have to endure, poor lamb:) Just kidding - I seriously envy you.


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