Too many goodbyes - updated

G'day all!

Yesterday a funeral and today a goodbye.

I am hoping today's goodbye is the last one for a while. OK, so funerals are the final ever goodbye, but when your husband's best friend is moving his family back to the USA and today is the last time you are likely to see him, you get a bit snivelly. After C left, I came inside and snivelled at the computer for a while, hoping I had email. It was yucky snivelling too - that sort that is basically tears drained straight into your nose so you can't even grab a tissue in time. I so hope they will be happy living near L's family, but I know that Nathan will miss C so. Not that blokes are about to talk about that sorta stuff. Nathan has been dreading it for months. No more lunches, no more building greenhouses together, no more morning or afternoon teas together, no c to do our dishes.... LOL! (BTW, that pic really is of some of the dishes Charles did after morning tea this morning. That water is still in the sink at 8pm cos I can't throw it out yet.) I woke up last night worrying about it (the leaving, not the doing our dishes!), and realised that I should've made sure that C, as best man at our wedding, should have had a nice outfit. Then I realised that I had been too busy making sure Nathan had something to wear, cos none of the hire places had anything anywhere near suitable in a big enough size. I only finished my own dress the morning of the wedding. Stupid things you worry about at 2:30 in the morning.

So please, no more goodbyes for a while? But I'd really like some hellos! I'd like to hear from you and what you like doing and why.

I am also seeing great big vistas of opportunity opening up in front of me. Why? Because I can pinpoint some of the things that I have been doing wrong and things I can do to improve my relationships with people. I am almost on the verge of grasping this fellowship thing that the poeple at Nathan's church find so important, as did my father. They say that growth comes as a result of pain, and I've suffered more than my fair share of pain this month.

I hope I can make the most of what I am learning and become a better, more open caring and sharing person. Some good things are happening, and I am going to concentrate on them. For example....

One of my friends has offered me part of her website to put my yarn up on. Yeehaar! Not that I have written back expressing my boundless thanks and extreme enthusiasm, well not so far. This means I will be able to put my yarn up on the web and hopefully reduce my stash somewhat. It is so exciting! I love making stuff but I don't always know what to do with it or have time to make it into something. Some of my yarn I am making into scarves and beanies for the upcoming festivals. Other stuff, though, well if you like email me and ask about it! I do good rates for mates!

No pics again today. I am such a bad blogger. Spank me? }:-)

Update - I now have pictures!

I have to fix up the grafting on the second mitten tip - when I shuffled stitches around to get them onto two needles, I seem to have twisted them and the grafting came out ???with some stitches in garter stitch? Like WAAAAY weird! Ungrafting is really annoying, especially when you have carefully tied the dark eggplant coloured yarn off and the weekend is your only chance to undo the mess in daylight. And you decide to use the last hour and a bit of daylight to wash your car and go for a walk instead cos you have forgotten about the mitten.

Plus I have another whack hat I have been knitting, and I've finished the narrow feather and fan scarf for the scarf festival (in the red and blue, and green and blue handspun yarn I showed off recently) but it needs to be blocked.

I have to do the afterthought heel on a new (old) sock - this time the sock fits. I reckon I'll do the mate to this sock before I do the heels on either of them. Note the lovely toe, done in short rows:

I've completed another repeat of the lace for the lacey top - only four more repeats to go before I am onto the stocking stitch part.

Things are happening, but they are taking their own sweet time. That is often the way of things. May I have the grace and courage to face them as they do so, and may you also.



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