Turning to the Dark Side

G'day all!

hehehehe. My knitbuds are both starting to think they might like to learn how to spin.... bwhahahahahahahaha!

A year ago I started thinking I would like ot learn how to spin after seeing the Yarnharlot's lovely colour changing socks but I persuaded myself out of it for a whole what 6 weeks? Then I got a cheap spindle at the Bendi sheep show "just to ply some fine wool up to a hand knitting weight"and the rest is history.

Amazing what a day not at work can do for morale. Though it took forever to kick in. I only got one load of dishes done and sent off two parcels that have needed to go for a while, spun up the pinky merino and spun up a really weird mix. One sock is much closer to being finished - only one more colour repat before bindoff! And after I graft the top of the second mitten, I only have to do the two thumbs on the mittens of mystery. Pics later when I am awake!



  1. I so want to learn to spin! I need a wheel though ;) And i need to get brave enough to try dying yarn first! lol

    Glad you are feeling better...cant wait to see some piccies.



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