May the Fourth Be With You

G'day all!

Quiet day today. Another quiet day. Not feeing as lost now, but the funeral is tomorrow. Still feeling totally disgusting in the gut, particularly after my chiro poked me in the liver and told me it is unhappy. It isn't the only part of my GI system that is unhappy!

Did a bit of experimental spinning (no pics as the yarn is still drying). Did a bit of knitting - I am now a third of the way up the second sleeve for the jacket and most of the way up the front of the pink top. Hooray! Handwashed a lot of handwashing things.

You ain't here for chit chat. You are here for photos. Or maybe you want the chit chat. I can't stop myself anyway.

I dyed this up last week. Here are the tops after dyeing:

and then before spinning they get all fluffed up. This pic reminded me of those fabric roses, only mine is nicer if messier:

I love the fluffing up (drafting) so much - this skanky stuff suddenly becomes all fluffy. It looks like fairy floss (cotton candy for you yankees). I like this fluffed up so much that I overdosed on pics, and now I am foisting them on you too:

Plus a little pic of some yarn I dyed - it is hanging on the Hills Rotary Hoist:

I didn't mean to base the colours on these everlastings:

Fabulous sunset from Monday night. Why no, I am never up to date with my photos. And I forgot that this is the FIFTH month, not the fourth...

And the cats check each other out. They love playing in the back yard. Nutmeg hates walking through the long buffalo type grass, so she tries to walk on the edges of the potplants, only she is really really bad at it and falls into the long grass and gets mired a lot. Cheshire springs over the top of the grass - boing, boing, boing. She often calls Nutmeg to plays with a "whirrup" as she gracefully bounds over the grass so it is more *boing* whrp *boing* whrp *boing* whrrup! We have realised that Nutmeg is quite thick and not exactly coordinated. Cheshire is most likely shortsighted but has double Nutmeg's brain power. Note the vegie seedlings in the right of the pic. I planted them today. I still have an irrational desire to plant broad beans, even though I detest them, simply cos the old man loved his broad beans. He particularly liked growing the beans as big as possible, which directly relates to my detestation of broad beans....

Just to show how warm it has been, here's a pic of a pumpkin (female) flower I took yesterday. I think any yankees reading this will call it a summer squash. Remember we are in May here, by calendar if not weather, which is sorta the equivalent of November in the US or England. I've been hand pollinating the flowers. The vines should be shrivelling up by now but hey, I'll take what flowers I can get. This is the flower of what we call a jap pumpkin:



  1. I am droooooooooooling here!! Such bright colours!!! And they do look like roses!!! mmmmm lovely!


  2. Drool, drool, slobber, slobber.

    Such yummy looking yarn. Almost good enough to eat.

    I think the garden is confused this year. I have already harvested my pumpkins and I now have another lot of pumpkins on the same vines. They are almost as big as the 1st ones harvested. The largest of the new ones is about 30cm across.


  3. my pumpkins are still flowering.. as fast as i hack them back the faster they grow .
    everrything is confused here .. the apricot is flowering as was the pear ..
    where is winter ??


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