It's the little things that count

G'day all!

Heh. I taught that rotten young bloke in the train I did!

The train was either very late or was cancelled this morning. By the time it got to my stop (which is only 5 stops from the terminus) it was very definately standing room only.

So this young bloke in his nice dry-cleaned and pressed, lint free grey suit was leaning against the pole. In my book, very bad form cos about 5 people can hang onto the pole unless one person is hogging it.

So I snuck a hand through the gap between the hog and the bloke next to him.

My purple fleecy top (SOOOOO not "corporate casual" but warm!) is totally covered in alpaca fluff. Didn't realise it at first. That is what happens when you get dressed in semi darkness. You don't notice the fleecey goodness (or the horrible stains) all over your clothes. As the trip proceeded, I noticed that more and more and more long white hairs were detaching themselves from me and attaching themselves to him.

By the time I hopped off, his lovely grey suit was becoming rather hairy. The arm of my jacket was almost dehaired!

Yes! Suffer in yer jocks, mate! (as we used to say in the 70s)

Here's a picture of the culprit fluff. It looks great in the roll but it was actually quite coarse to spin. I've spun up all 250 g of it and now am just awaiting a date with daylight to take a pic of the spun stuff:

Today's fashionista advice. Just because you can squeeze yourself into the size 8 elastane pants does not mean you should. That means you, the woman in the black pants and red top seen tottering along Flinders St at 1:45pm today. Yes, you. The woman with the saddle bags giving you the odd triangular shape where your buttocks are squished out sideways as you totter on your high heels. Yes your legs are great but it looked like all their flab had been squished upwards to your butt and had met the flab being squished down off your hips. Not a good look! (I am sooo very cruel but jeez, there are more flattering looks!) Some of the girls at work have very big hips and they wear the bestest stuff! Flicky skirts that really show off the swinging hips. That sort of thing. (See I have made a criticism and then offered some constructive advice!)

Speaking of not good looks, I must swindle a way to get a pic of the latest hat I made. Stocking stitch side it is reasonably plain, just a hint of colour in the crown of the hat with the fuzzy sorta boucle yarn garter stitch border. But if it is worn reverse SS out, oh boy! It looks like someone has dyed their hair many fluoro and bright colours and tried to pull it out through the stitches. Totally whack! Just as I hoped it would be. :-)

I managed to nearly do a full 8 row repeat of my pink top's lace whilst waiting for the train and riding home on the train. Every day is KIP day for me! Getting another repeat done is good cos it means I am only two repeats away from doing the stocking stitch part, which then means only about another hundred rows of stocking stitch later I will be ready for a seaming party! If only I could drink margaritas. Every day would be partay day!

Oh, news to hand - Nutmeg has been seen WASHING Cheshire! They wash each other quite a bit now, only Cheshire sometimes goes for Nutty's throat and for some reason Nutmeg does not like having the throttle bite put on her.... strange that!

Heh. People at work think I am a doormat, always pleasant, always doing as I am told, always being helpful. Quiet, eccentric, Lynne beavering away in the background.

WRONG! I BITE! But only if you back me into a corner and then start having a go at me for reasons I think are unjustified. They fang on me, I fang straight back. Take that! I am no doormat! Once I would've just taken it and slunk off into the corner but now I have developed enough to tell people what I think of the situation and how I reckon it should go.

D'oh! Time to go and see if dinner is rescuable. Nathan was in charge tonight but he left in on the stove for the last 20 minutes whilst watching Mythbusters and it has burnt to the pot....



  1. Anonymous6:16 am

    Where picture? Wanna see!


  2. Hee, go alpaca! I like your style :-D I have sometimes done a similar inadvertent thing because one of the chinchillas has left a few bits of shed fur on me, and I generally don't notice (even if I do notice I tend to leave it..).

    And we want piccies of the hat!

  3. Revenge is sweet, I would have loved to have seen his reaction when he discovered all this 'fluff' all over him. Maybe you could come and catch the bus that my kids and nieces catch to school. My youngest niece is only 4yo and there are little scrotes (about 15+yo) who take up 2 seats by sticking their bags on the seat next to them and she has to stand up.


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