Enough already!

G'day all!

Well I want to know which particular god I've totally snotted off with my blasphemy. Suggestions welcome.

Looks like I am off to another funeral this week. Nathan's Mum's best friend died yesterday. Annette had been very ill with spinal cancer and it was only a matter of time before she went to her maker, but like I've had enough of the death and dying thing, ok? At least Barb's mammogram was clear again today, so she has her next check up in six months, and mammogram in a year. It is what, 3 or 4 years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. If something had shown up on her scans, it would've been bad, ok? Bad timing. Waaay bad timing.

On a good note, I had a quite good weekend. I started to clean up the front yard on Sunday. It has gotten very weedy over summer, even though we basically only had one lot of rain for all of summer. I dunno how the weeds can grow in such dust dry soil. Topping off the look nicely are the two boxes of my beloved soft toys that had a rat nest in them. Totally covered in rat wee and poo. Rats and mice are Totally Disgusting creatures. No other animal that I know about craps in its own nest, well not unless it is ill.

I didn't get any after pics cos it was getting dim and I was inside spinning madly. All the grasses have been trimmed back - they are native clumping grasses. Some look like pompoms sitting on the ground. I put down newspaper and then put mulch on top. I've covered over a million freesias which are up and growing madly but there are plenty uncovered and they'll self seed and continue the tradition of a bazillion freesias flowering in the front yard....

I spun up this polwarth and plied it with pink and mauve silk slubby bits. The silks are a bit softer in colour than this - the camera insisted that the mauve is blue:

and in a fit of madness started this at 7:30pm and finished it at 11pm:

The photos showed the pink colour as being more mauve. Mauve would be great but the colour is more a dusky rosey plummy pink, like some of the pinky colors in this:

which will be next on the spinning wheel.

The act of mad creation is keeping me sane at present. MUST CREATE OR GO MAD! Only problem is I am literally spinning yarn faster than I can knit, and I don't want to keep all the stuff I am spinning anyway. I like spinning for its own sake. I sit and crank the wheel up and whiz along. Half way through I wonder why the hell I am doing this? What is driving me? But I continue because I want the finished product! I want to be able to say I turned a pile of fluff into stuff people can use! Plus I occasionally get to watch really nifty programs like one about what drove Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein's monster and a fascinating tale abuut a 2000 year old shroud found in a tomb in Jerusalem.

At this rate I am going to have to put up a web page to sell yarn I've spun. I have to find a provider first. Then do some web design. (EEK!) I have one of those green shopping bags, Aussies will know the ones I mean, absolutely chock full of yarn I've spun. Some I'll never part with but others, nyeh. I could let it go to a good home. This means I had better start documenting it.

My work is never done!

Random bits

At the housecooling I came across a label that I found truly alarming. I picked up a tube of blue fondant icing. The only non-genetically modified ingredients that I can remember were the colourings. Even one of the emulsifiers had (genetically modified) after it. Makes good old icing sugar and blue food colouring look positively benign. Of course this product was made in the good ole USA. We don't put (genetically modified) behind any of our products.

Useless factoid about Australian sugar #1

Oz sugar is based on sugar cane. White sugar is just that. It is very sugary and very white. It is not like this weird stuff Americans call sugar, which I believe is based on corn. Sugar cane sugar is white, corn sugar is vaguely yellow. They taste different too. Corn sugar tastes softer somehow and not as sharply sugary. I think the Brits have sugar right, unlike their neighbours across the pond.

Useless factoid about Australian sugar #2

There is no useless factoid #2. Enjoy!

Today's style tip for the fashionista

Today's style tip.

Be a size 8. Put on a smart charcoal suit - skirt and jacket. Put your hair up. Wear your highest heels to ensure your toned and tanned calves are shown to best advantage as you stand at the street corner waiting for the lights to change. Wait for the admiring glances from passing drivers.

Then have a really good scratch of the spot that joins your butt cheek and your leg.

Now that is Klassy with a capital K.



  1. Thanks for the fashion tip! I will have to squeeze my big fat butt into a size 8 and try it! Muaahaahaa.

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Nathan's mother's best friend.


  2. Sorry to hear there's another funeral to go to - hope things start to look up soon. Your spinning is lovely. The Polwarth reminds me of a merino/silk blend I knitted a while back.


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