Hurtling from one disaster to the next

G'day all!

ah, the joys of my job.

Today I discovered that the training for next week is not just on Monday, but Tuesday and Thursday as well.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Panic! Panic! Panic all over the place! Panic! Panic! Wipe that smile off your face. (who sang that?)

My lead had not looked at every sheet on the spreadsheet. She only saw the first sheet.

I could go through all the things that should've alerted me earlier (eg training days) but I should not have been in that position.

To say that I was

a) panicked, and
b) rather ticked off

is an understatement.

It would be OK if I wasn't booked in for a colonoscopy next week on the Wednesday - I won't be able to run arvo sessions on the Tuesday nor the Thursday sessions at all. My lead assessor is in NZ training over there for most of this week - next week, who knows? And I have had ENOUGH!

Tanty time, only I am too knackered. Nathan has given me the virus he had on the weekend. Everything is sore. It is so sweet of him to honour his wedding vows - all that I have I share with you.... but I do wish he would not take it so literally!

Here is what is on the spinning wheel at present:

The pink and blue bits of a multicoloured roving. I split the apricot and dull blue parts off cos they looked wrong to my eye. They'll be spun up later.

And here is a bit of sparkly alpaca spun up. Somewhat overspun too - I need to do some serious washing with it!

By popular demand, I have obtained at great expense to the management (aka ME), pictures of the whack hat.

Here is its demure phase (but wait, that person has no face - pink skin and straw coloured hair but no face!)

and here is its whack version (no big pic available cos it is blurry)

Doesn't that just look like someone with rainbow coloured curls has tried to pull them through the hat?

Time for dinner and then a bath to ease my poor aching joints. Ah, bliss! Better find a book too, but I will do my best not to drop it in the bath! Not that I have ever done that, oh, no, never, not with my then favouritest (yes that is not a real word) book. Never. I am a paragon of perfection.


Oh, one final little tale. Here is me driving C's car to the shops to get my GF stuff on Sunday. Went past a speed camera, carefully staying pretty much on the speedlimit (ok I was 1 km over) and this Honda CRV goes past me and the camera went off.... PANIC! OHMIGAWD! I am driving SOMEONE ELSE'S car! But he has gone to the USA so that is ok and it was not me who triggered the camera. I've had that happen to me before. That is what you get for being a sad law-abiding suck.

anon and may your days be better than mine!


  1. i love that hat!! Very cool!

    Sounds like your job is being a right pain in the butt at the moment.

    How nice of Nathan to share his virus with you..Now what can you give him in return thats just as thoughtful ;)


  2. Amazing hat - looks like life should be more fun just because you're wearing it.

    Sorry to hear about the ongoing work crap. Hope it all works out. Though, to be frivolous if I might - if your boss keeps this up, you might be able to make a saving on the Golightly!

  3. Oooh the hat is wonderful! I love the colours.

    Sorry your work-idiots are being such a diabolical nuisance - if it's any consolation I have had Words with one boss today and fully hope to have more Words with another boss tomorrow. They didn't think to ASK me stuff at the time and instead left it to the end of year report. So today they found out that they hit a nerve :-D Witless they are! Me, I'm just stubborn and awkward ;-)


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