Vale, Gra-Gra

G'day all!

Ah another sad day. Graham Kennedy, the King of Australian tv, has died. Never mind that he had not been on air for 15 years. he was The King. Noone has been able to do what he did.

I can remember hearing the In Melbourne Tonight music start up at around 9:30 or 10:30 at night. I would creep out of bed and watch the show from the hallway, peeking in through the loungeroom doors. I was only a toddler then. From 1971-1975, Mum could not keep me in bed when Gra-Gra was on the tv. I can remember infamous scenes, grown men dressed as babies having tantrums in baby carriages (like those half circle old fashioned prams), the set that collapsed around him when Graham pulled his microphone cord (hey, this was in the days of colour tv but before radiomikes), the catch cry "It's a koke, Joyce", the Chum song (that is on the first link page at wikipedia), his dog peeing on the camera, the innuendo and smut and the live commercials ("Pussy in a can"), and me rolling around on the floor laughing. I was only 9 when he finished up his own show. It amazes me that I could find it so funny from about age 5 but then I had also been raised on Monty Python.

Ah well, Graham. Rest in peace. It hasn't been an easy couple of years for you.

I think tonight's SnB was the best I have been to. I got my Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Sassy Stripe and wow, got to play with Dianne's ball winder (Dianne? Diane? or is it Diana? Oh dear, now I am confused cos we have all variants on the theme in the group). Plus I picked up K's yarn and wound it too, only now she can't see it in the skein - so pretty, purple and green - but it is more useful in a ball. No pics yet of the yarn - only got home half an hour ago after sitting behind a blasted AXA tram that was sitting behind another tram that refused to move for two sets of lights.... I had a good yack to a number of the girls. That was roolly excellent. I like talking to people who say that Zhivago is a nice yarn (it is a tencel/acrylic mix and I can wear it next to my skin, unlike wool) rather than looking at me as if I've grown multiple heads cos it isn't Rowan or another fancy expensive yarn or even just wool. (If I grew multiple heads then I'd probably be a hydra and I would not be looked at in a sort of pitying way, more a horrified "let's get out of here" way.) Now I don't mind a bit of expensive yarn but I want it to be really really good and not have an equivalent here before I cough up the big bikkies. I got hte Lorna's Laces cos it is noice, unewesual and diffrent.

The pink Zhivago top continues apace. Hooray! Only about 80 rows of mindless stocking stitch to go before the seaming partay! Then I can finish the Vogue jacket. OK, continue making the Vogue jacket - one and a third sleeves is not a long way to completion. Then there are some very nice looking tops in the Spring Vogue knitting. I thought they had gone off the pace a bit last year but woo boy, I want to make some of that gear NOW!

I spent 10 minutes twice today looking for a most important paper that I lost at work. Only it wasn't lost. It was sitting with the training material, like on top of the training material in plain sight. I kept thinking I'd lost it because it was not where I expected it to be but it was not lost at all. I have no idea why I thought it should be someplace else rather than with the training material. I am glad it was not lost because it is my training outline.

Time for beddy-byes.



  1. Ah, I did not know him, but if you say he was the king... then he was the king :)

    I am done with pixeltown!! woohoo!! and my boss? out of the office tomorrow. I am so happy. Prepare for much stalkage. Plus!!!! Something from FAR AWAY arrived in the mail and I can't wait to go open it!!!!

    Hope you have a g'day (can I work that in with a "ya'll"? heh heh)

  2. Vale to the KING. I can remember watching Graham on TV when I was supposed to be in bed as well.

    No-one will ever come close to being as funny as he was and nothing ever fazed him.

    He could always find a joke in the most mundane things.


  3. Ooh I love Zhivago! Its so dovine to work with! I made DH a black scarf for this winter out of it (first thing I have ever knitting him) have to make myself one out of pewter colour then might look into making the girls a jumper each.


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