Seattle Six

G'day all!

12 is a big number around here, being all to do with Seattle Seahawks and the 12th man - did you know that American football has 11 players active on the ground at any one time and the twelfth man is the spectators watching the game?  I didn't.  I know about the 12th man in cricket but not this thing that has been adopted here regarding what I usually call gridiron.

But I don't want to talk about American football and I don't want to talk about 12, I want to talk about six.

Yes, we have now been in Seattle for six years (and a number of days).



Where has the time gone?

This is our seventh winter - how have we managed?  Some people love gloom but we are solar powered.  And Seattle tends to be rather gloomy in winter.  I manage by making stuff like crazy, I wear bright colours, and I hang out online on Ravelry.  Without my rav mates, I'd be bored out of my brain.  I'd get a job but I don't have a work permit and that means no job for me!

We had such excitement this Christmas.  We had snow!  A White Christmas, only my second ever and the last one was sorta cheating since we were in Canada in one of the snowy parts.

It is amazing how the most unappealing locations suddenly look pretty in snow and nice locations look amazing.  The industrial areas near here look like fairyland. And may I just say I actually enjoyed driving my car home in snow on Christmas Eve?  I took things gently and slithered around some corners - it was quite interesting seeing how the car slid at certain points and how to regain control, safely because there were so few cars on the road.

I'm making stuff - most recent finishes are this sock (okay I need to weave in the ends)

And I refinished this jumper that needed to be longer.  I had to graft it together.  Not pretty but eh, it is fine.

I made a cardigan for me

And a quilt to give to a women's shelter, when I find one nearby.  This is based on Katie Petersen's improv strata quilt series.  She ran a workshop for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild last year and I had quite a deal of fun playing around with blocks and stuff.

Can I just say I big puffy-heart the back?  I don't know why it does it for me but I think it is the almost swirl in it that makes it cool.

Also see that light on the quilt?  This indicates that at some point fairly recently it has been both dry and sunny.  Sun has become a limited commodity again here this winter - we've had some brilliant days but the soggy, dull ones are much more common.  It is another La Nina winter and I don't likey.

I've got more stuff in the pipeline that will be finished off over the next week or so.  I made a list of things to get done this month.  I've slowed down quite a bit because I got the bug that is going around - if that was the flu it was awfully mild -  so I might not get everything done, especially as I've been doing a bit of a purge of stuff I'm unlikely to ever use.



  1. I agree, time slips by and suddenly you are years from where you started. Well done on the driving. Friends were in Canada and North America and said the snow is nice to visit, but they were glad to get home to the warmth! I love your cardi, and the back of the quilt is always a good place to put something secret and special. Hope you are well and truly over your bug.


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