Shame, shame, shame

G'day all!

I am a very angry blogger tonight. I shall get it off my chest first then maybe I can calm down and play like a nice blogger.

So yesterday I posted about Gra-Gra dying. (Sorry you overseas folks but imagine your best beloved talk show host or comedian dying. Same sort of deal.)

Today I visited my LYS on the way home. She had a talk show on. The "host" (nothing gracious or gentlemanly about this bloke in this interview) was being extremely aggressive towards his interviewee, a man who had a long relationship with Gra-Gra. He forced the man to reveal his sexuality, which is NONE of ANYONE's beeswax, and then started going at him about being HIV positive! THe kept asking "Are you HIV positive?"

Like HOW RUDE! What business is it of anyone's apart from the man and his close contacts? WHO CARES? It was totally rude and invasive of privacy. It isn't as if HIV/AIDS can be caught like the flu or a cold. OK, it has a pretty poor outcome but most Westerners with HIV are living quite long and full lives now.

I am still angry about it over an hour later. I even emailed the radio station and told them so. If I was the producer on that show, I would've pulled the plug on the interview. At the very least, the interviewee deserves a full and complete apology for being treated like dirt. I have not mentioned the interviewer's name because I will not give him any publicity. Melburnians will be able to pick who it is from the subject line.

Grump. Anyway, I will be watching the tribute show on the telly tonight.

Now Sheep rustler has commented me saying "I don't know how you working mums cope." I think I should explain my comment. A mum is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, yes? Is that not enough job for anyone? So how do you mums who also go to work for $$$ in an office/whatever manage to cope with all the things mums have to do along with the requirements of work? You already have enough to do with the kid(s). That is what I meant by I don't know how you working mums cope... And I don't know how "house husbands" cope either (my brother was one for about 5 years and looked after his first two children whilst suffering from chronic fatigue and studying for his accountancy certificate). I have enough on my plate just dealing with work and trying to get a bit of housework and gardening done whilst trying not to succumb too much to the lure of my wheel and fibre and needles.... If I had kids I don't know how I'd manage. I'd probably be found hiding in the cupboard hugging my favourite skein of wool. Especially after this week, and this month.

Now have I made all you working and at home mums mad?

At least I made one person happy by mentioning her name on my blog. Wave to Minnie, guys! Hi!

BTW, trakky dax are tracksuit pants. And I would so love to have an electric blanket on the bed, Cathy, but the foam rubber overlay on the bed and the electric blanket will not mix, so I have the choice of a cold but otherwise comfortable bed, or a warm and rock hard futon.... As it is, Nathan ran the heating all day into the back part of the house with the doors to the front half closed and the vents out there shut, and opened the window into the greenhouse so that it could deal with the stinky air. It isn't too bad now, so I am sitting here feeling rather toastily warm. HOORAY!

I would very much like to have a personal teleportation device at present. I want to go to see Steph at her book signing in Owen Sound. Only problem is I am in Oz and she will be in Owen Sound, Ontario. That is why I need a teleporter.

I put my mitten on last night, now that the thumb is starting to appear. Then I carefully cut open the grafting and ripped the knitting out to the bottom of the shaping...Somehow I had managed to make a mitten the perfect length to be completely and utterly annoyingly short! Once I find the other mitten (it is hiding in the mire by my bed at present), I'll undo the grafting that didn't work and reknit it longer too.

(I've just been off to watch Gra-Gra. I taped the show. Don't tell anyone. Nathan can watch it tomorrow night cos he is trying to work out why Gra-Gra was just soooo great. Some of the sketches show why.)

A random picture of an egg from the dozen we bought last week:

Question for you all. You get in some books from the USA at great expense to the management. You carefully read them and keep them in pretty much mint condition cos you are some sort of weird FREAKAZOID who is obsessive compulsive about keeping her books looking pristine. You lend them to a friend at Christmas and eventually remember to ask for them back. They have not been read, but one of them has had a coffee cup or something lightly stain the front cover, which is now generally grotty looking, and the other book has a big splot of coffee on the back and the pages have been battered and the cover dogeared.

What do I do? Tell them "I feel unhappy that I lent you my books and you did not treat them with the respect that I would treat your stuff"? She would like to read them at some point, but I do not feel like lending them to her again because I don't think she will respect my wish to have nice pretty lovely cherished and SPOTLESS books.

BTW, the books are knit lit and knit lit (two). They have not been released in Australia cos why on god's green earth would Australians want to read heartwarming knitting stories? Hell we don't want to buy books about knitting, or so it seems, cos there are hardly any in the shops, despite me seeing the yarn shops and wool counters doing a fairly nifty trade....

Here's a cardi I want to make for myself. I really like the frilly hems and the round neck one button version. I am going to have to upscale the pattern a bit I think cos it is for little girls up to age 6. Hmmm, no matter now I try I cannot see myself fitting into a top that is only 26" around.... It just ain't gunna happen! Plus the sleeves will be a bit short and skinny for my, ahem, well formed arms.

Isn't it cute? Maybe I should make a little one for one of the myriad of little girls I know.

Well, that is your bloomin lot for today. I've rambled enough. If you'd like, nip on over and visit Crazy Aunt Purl. She has to see her d-i-v-o-r-c-e attorney tomorrow and cough up big bikkies. She is feeling a bit worried about it all. If you can, leave her a nice message.



  1. I am with you on the book thing. I detest books being manhandled and damaged. Books are precious things!

  2. Anonymous4:32 am

    Hey, Lynne, I often "check in" on your blog to see what you're up to, and to check out your knitting...Nathan sent me the link on exodus quite a while ago ;)
    Just thought I'd let you know that I appreciate your comments about a mum's responsibities...even though I don't 'work' (at least not that I get paid for!!) as you know, but I often wonder myself how other mums taht do work, particularly those who work full-time manage?! I find it hard enough with the 6-8 hrs a week I do on volunteer work!
    Regards to NJH & the cats!!
    Jacqui S (ie Marks Jacqui!!)
    PS- do you/anyone else you know have a childrens pattern using "Sullivans 'Magnifico'"?? Checked their website, and they dont have any :-(

  3. I'm looking for the chum song and came across your blogger.

    I agree shame shame shame on that human headline.

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