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Oooh, forgot to link to my favourite non-knitty blog.

Like Star Wars? Read this. The comments crack me up even more than the blog.

Plus apparently I am Svedish. I did have a lady making weird noises come running after me in the middle of nowhere once cos I looked like the people from her home in Sweden. Dutch people speak Dutch at me too. Wish I suntanned the way most Swedes seem to. Instead I go a dainty shade of lobster red and then peel and have angry looking skin for a while.

Your Inner European is Swedish!

Relaxed and peaceful.

You like to kick back and enjoy life.

Finally I have been drooling over the KnitPicks yarn. Only they don't deliver to Australia because "They can't get the level of postal service they think their customers deserve." Crikey, people! Just send us the danged yarn! If it takes two weeks to get to us by airmail, we DON'T CARE! We just want the blinking stuff! I think they are simply holding out on us cos they don't want us to get our cotton pickin little Aussie mitts on their yarn. We are a piss weak little market and why bother with us?

Do I sound relaxed and peaceful to you? Remember I am an infp and if my values/principles are breached(1) then I get narky and fight back!

(1) in this case being unable to buy yarn and books

OK. This time to bed fer shir!

anon again!


  1. Anonymous3:50 pm

    It never ceases to amaze me that we breed the largest percentage of the world's sheep, and seem to have the smallest percentage of yarn choices!
    And I'm so tired of hearing about how wonderful Knit Picks yarns are, and knowing that we can't have 'em. Call me Green with envy ;)

    Random Knits

  2. Susan7:39 pm

    The Knitpicks reason for not doing international deliveries indicates a total ignorance of international mail! Just take the damn package to the postoffice, stick an airmail sticker on it and entrust it to the US postal service. Surprisingly, it will reach Aus in about 7 days. I had an Amazon parcel reach me in 6 days last week. Faster than a parcel from Perth! They obviously don't realise that when we buy international we accept that postage will be more than a local delivery, and that it might take a bit longer to arrive. But, as you said, small market and so not worth the fuss.


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