G'day all!

Well what a fun week it has been so far!

Today went ok - training happened, people didn't fall asleep, which is a good thing when you are introducing them to a new product.

I nearly fell asleep this afternoon though. I keep getting *really* cold at night when I am asleep and then wake up feeling lousy sometime after midnight. We have a heater in our bedroom but I am cold when I go to bed and never really warm up unless I wear a fleecy top, a hat and trakky dax to bed, which really does seem a leetle wee tad overdressed for bed to me. Of course once I get warm, I stay warm like some bizarre radiator and end up throwing half the bedclothes off (with the clothes) cos I am too warm.

So being too cold has woken me up for significant amounts of two out of the last three nights. I don't know how you working mums can cope....

To show how my mental processes are (dys)functioning after three days of panic stress mode at work on top of the local virus going around on top of not enough sleep on top of stress mode at work, I thought my boss was talking about "the nine breast disease" this afternoon. Wow! That sounds traumatic! Imagine nine breasts popping up all over your body! Like how would you get a bra on them? Especially if one popped up on your knee or your elbow or your head? Could be handy for breast-feeding though....

Only on the fourth mention of the phrase did I realise that she was saying "benign bresat disease."

I blame Minnie for sending me that lovely joke about Eve in the garden of Eden wanting a mate....

No pics of knitting progress this evening. After all, do you really want to see that I have added another 10-odd rows onto the back of the pink top? No? Quelle surprise!

Bad me hasn't taken a pic of the Lorna's Laces sock yarn. It is a hard colour to capture well with a camera, being Sassy Stripe (hot pinky-red and yellow). I am tempted to start knitting another sock with it, though I really should stop suffering from SSS. I only have one pair of socks so far, and three single socks with only half a mate between them. It would be nice to have some socks. Mittens would be good too, so I should pull my finger out and start the thumbs of the mittens (and ungraft and regraft the top of the weird one). I just hate the fiddly bits - all those DPNs to get a thumb knitted. Having thumb in the mittens would be good cos they don't work so well without thumbs I've discovered. Plus the afterthought thumbhole yarn looks weird....

I admit it. I've started working on the thumb of the mitten that I can find. Yes, the stitches are on the needles and most of the first round is complete. Go me!



  1. Okay, I gotta know, what are trakky dax? i go to bed in a similar fashion in the winter, except it is -20C outside and the furnace is on.

  2. i knew you would like that joke! i about died when i read it myself. "where's that useless boob?" cracks me up even now. i'm famous! my name was mentioned half way around the world! woohooo!

  3. I do my mittens on two needles. no double points for thumbs but you do have to sew them up afterwards.

    I have a rather sad story about the pair of mittens I made Harley. About to go post about it in my blog if you want a good laugh! lol


  4. All mums are working mums!!!

  5. Trakky dax are sooooooooooo comfy, especially in the winter.

    I used to be cold when I went to bed but then I invested in an electric blanket. I turn it on not long before I go to bed and it is snuggly warm to get into.



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