G'day all!

House was inspected today by local experts. Pronounced in good health. Yay! It should not fall apart in a hurry (or at all). Now all I want to do is move in. Thank heavens we have a short settlement cos I don't think I could survive waiting three months for it. I keep thinking I want something but I can't figure out what. It is simply that I want to start moving to my own place!

Now I am a very bad crafting blogger. I received my first spindling secret pal package via the PiLs (I used their address cos I didn't know where I'd be living by now). The best thing was the sheep mug, but unfortunately it was damaged in the post and has a big chunk taken out of the rim so it is unusable. Dang! Some nice spindling supplies but I have to own up that I am rather disappointed that my secret pal is the president of my local spinners' guild. I thought I would get an overseas partner who could send me really different stuff like cormo and californian mutant etc etc but nope, I have even more merino and silk to spin. It is very pretty merino and silk but ummm yeah. The weather was grotty when I got home so no pics. Oh and I got some Freddo frogs (chocolate) which I gave to Nathan cos I can't have milk.

The picovolini is almost at waist level. Again no pics cos the weather turned dull and rainy. I've been doing a bit of spinning of some soy silk/merino mix in a colour called "honeysuckle." It is sorta beige (yes me spinning beige!) but the soy silk gives it a pale gold gleam and it actually rather pretty! But guess what? No pics!

So to make up for the lack of real content on this blog, I give you more links so that you can be distracted!

A fascinating link (IMO) about gender recogniniton and development on the BBC child development site. There's a whole lot of absorbing stuff there. I'm not into kids but I am into science and working out how kids work is really interesting stuff.

A different take on Revenge of the Sith, with lots of profanity. Heck I never saw it in the cinema and now I don't need to!

Don't say "failure" - use deferred success instead. After all, we don't want people to feel that they failed anything!

I want some of this Henry's Attic stuff. Yeah, I know it is merino silk but it is like 50:50 merino silk and looks a dead ringer for Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. Of course I could just go and order some 70:30 silk/merino tops online and try to spin a low twist single. I've almost managed it but it is not very consistent.

If you want to see some weird pics and paintings, hop on over to my friend gibbering's art site. What a creative brain! Heh. I love the colourful Colin the Weevil pic (that doesn't have Colin the Weevil in it). All of the gouache pics fascinate me actually. Have no idea what I am talking about? Well then click on the link!

Finally your flower pics for the day. Nasturtiums are weedy but I deliberately scattered some seeds around last year and this year they are doing well.

If that one doesn't brighten up your day, nothing will!

This is a pic of one of my favourite plants:

It is called a smoke bush (and I am sure that there are a number of people out there who would like to do exactly that to Bush). Each one of those little pointy bits with the little black "teeth" on them is a flower. Each flower is about an 8th of an inch across (2-3mm). When a whole heap of them are in flower in the bush, they look like smoke plumes rising up above the heath. Conospermums (smoke bushes) are Western Australian plants and therefore extremely desirable to people like me who like to get rare and unusual plants and torture them by trying to keep them alive far from their native habitat. I hope I can keep this one alive cos it is really cute. They are pollinated by a very small native bee, if I remember rightly, and there is one species of bee per species of smoke bush. If another insect tries to steal the plant's pollen and/or nectar drop or whatever it has, the plant actually has a spring loaded death trap that whops the insect (eg an ant) and kills it! The correct pollinator has some sort of strategy that avoids that little problem. My poor smoke bush will never ever have babies cos it is most of a continent and some really hot, dry deserts away from its pollinator. But I love it anyway.



  1. Loved the Bush comment. Too funny! Can you tell who I voted for?


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