G'day all1

I am enthusiastically bouncing. Bounce, bounce BOUNCE!

We can buy the house we've been looking at for the max price we'd pay for it, which is well under our limit for any house we could buy and stay in financial comfort. Bounce bounce bounce!


Only problem is once we sign the contract they want a 10% deposit in 7 days. We don't have that much money! We are doing the weird thing with Nathan's parents' equity in their house. We can scratch together a 5% deposit. That is fine. But not 10%. Ackarooney!

Anyway, if we can get this all worked out, we will be in our own home by Christmas! Yeeeehar!

(Scuse the lack of crafty stuff in this entry but like I have to talk to someone cos Nathan isn't home tonight cos of his mum's choir)

bounce bounce bounce!



  1. Hopefully you can scrape up the other 5% so that you can get the house and be in by Christmas time.

    Don't worry about the lack of craft news as your news is even more important.


  2. i hope everything works out for you! imagine, your first christmas in a place that is really yours! that must be so exciting! keep us updated.

  3. Wow, I don't switch on the 'puter one night and look what happens! All fingers crossed here that you can sort out the deposit and have your new home :-)

  4. Fingers, toes, eyes, everything crossed for you!


  5. Good luck! Funny that nobody has suggested you sell some stash... : )

    One piece of advice - get a building inspection. Don't buy it if there is ANY sign of termites, no matter how enthusiastic you are about renovating. Also, if you can inspect the place during a downpour it can be very enlightening. I've rejected otherwise okay houses because I felt water dripping on my head while standing in the lounge room and, at another place, stepped out of the back door into a swamp, both which wouldn't have been obvious if it hadn't been raining.

  6. Anonymous1:38 am

    Yay you! I hope you can pull this off ... now tell us where(ish) it is!



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