See? I do so knit!

G'day all!

Well it's been a busy time around here and sure to get busier as I compact all of my Stuff (tm) in preparation for moving. Plus I've cooked up a Crazy scheme to help out a fellow knitblogger (email me if you want more info! natiel3atyahoodotcom It is very exciting!) and I think I'm just a wee tad nuts.

So here is what I've been working on this week. After about a week of being faithful to the picovoli tshirt, suddenly I realised that I had to work on my diamond blossom scarf from Modular Knits. It just had to be done. So without further ado, I give you the diamond blossom scarf (you may need to adjust your monitor's brightness)

in four different colourways of some ancient Patons Jet 12 ply carefully hand-dyed with food colouring last year. I reckon it is waaay cool. You probably think it is waaaaay too lurid! Admittedly the picture does not capture the colours well but it will do....

You weren't happy enough just seeing the whole scarf? Well how about a closer shot showing all four colourways side by side. This will probably make you weep

(though your eyes may bleed from the bright colours).

I've started knitting the picovoli again. It is onto the hip shaping now - only about another 30 rounds to go and it will be almost finished! Hope I have enough yarn cos it would be annoying to have to try to get one more ball of a yarn that is not available in Australia.... (knitpicks Shine)

OK, since I can't remember what I was going to say (between a fabulous thunderstorm that lasted what seemed hours and Nathan not sleeping well and it being about 28 in the study, my brain has melted), I'll finish up for the day with some flower pictures. Keeping it light and bright for those in the northern hemisphere :-)

The first tiger lily flower for the season.

It is an odd almost pinky salmon and does not have much in the way of spots so i guess it isn't really a tiger lily.

One of my moss roses has gone stark raving bonkers. It is throwing out a brazillion flowers:

I *love* my moss roses even if most of them only flower once a year. They are so cute and the balsam on their mossing is one of my favourite smells.

Oh and to both idjits this evening who only looked one way before failing to give way to me, GROW A BRAIN AND LOOK! (That was your community service announcement for the day)

And the last one - when weaving in ends, make sure you do not weave in an end right over your NIPPLE! Heh. The end popped out and gave me a nice little fluffy tickler! LOL!



  1. Hehe real knitting content *g* - lovely scarf, got to try that diagonal-thing. It looks great with the 4 different colourways.

  2. Lynn, just jumped over from yarn harlot - awesome scarf! BTW, there was a period of about a year when I was a kid living in the Adelaide Hills (1980s) when we went from billy can milk to plastic bag milk. Everyone felt a bit cheesed - they were so awkward to handle and pouring them into the milk jugs without spilling was a rare skill - so it went to cartons and then to plastic bottles. Wish bottles and billycans were back in fashion.

  3. Who knew??? No really, your scarf is lovely! That yarn was good for that pattern.

  4. that scarf is gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Well, photos can be deceiving. I do like your scarf, though! How about weaving in those ends? When I made a little heart sachet I knit the ends as I went along. Lazy, eh, but it got the job done!

    - MJ


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