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G'day all!

Not much to report today. The mortgage application is underway and quote looks good unquote. Building inspection by a professional inspector tomorrow so he should pick up any particular problems with the place (we put a subject to satisfactory inspection on the contract).

Since I am told it is miserable and rainy in Toronto and my English friends are not reporting any better weather, here's a couple more flowers for you.

Twin rugosa-cross rose flowers - if only I could do smell-o-vision!

And one of our current favourites - if memory serves me correctly it is a Helichrysum semipapposum. It is bright and lairy so I didn't turn the contrast down any. It really does hurt to look at in the sun. But it doesn't have any scent I've noticed.

That should brighten up a dull day!



  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I'm happy to hear that things are running smoothly with the financing of a new house for both of you! It must be so exciting!

    Those are some gorgeous flowers too. It's really nice to see flowers because it's currently snowing like crazy out today!


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