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G'day all!

It's been a busy weekend! Saturday was insane from the moment it started to the moment we eventually got home. It started poorly when I had some weird allergic reaction (waking up with your heart rate at about 160 is NOT fun!), and didn't get to sleep until after 1am. At 7:30 I was up and at it. Made some pancakes for breakfast, plus some pikelets for an event later in the day, then eventually made it to the guild (45 minute drive) to buy some extra special supplies (more on that next time!), back again via Uncle Rick's for some GF, DF goodness :-), off to Oakleigh to buy nuts and seeds and flowers for the Event, plus the cat food. Home again, arrange flowers (accidentally delete pictures of flower arrangements whilst downloading them), discover I can make a second arrangement out of the native plants in the garden :-), get changed and then off to The Event!

(Faces pixelated to hide the "innocent")
(in other words, I don't have permission to show pics but I haven't been told I can't so for the time being, pixelation is my friend!)

The wedding was over and done in a flash. No hanging around! Then we had the prayers and blessings and sermon. I was very glad I had decided to sit on the kneeling cushion. The church was very nifty. Afterwards, there was lots of chatting and many pictures taken. We left at about 5:30 cos we were knackered.

Today involved stuffing around all morning (OK, I didn't stuff around all morning - I was busy doing something that you'll see later on!) until we decided to go take pictures of this:

Yep, that is our "new" house! It has been variously described as "cute" and "an ideal first home." It is small and a bit twee and we don't give a stuff. It will be ours, all ours! (except the bit the bank will own, which is all of until we start paying off principle.) The Sudanese guys across the road were very excited.

After stopping for a spot of shopping on the way home, I bullied Nathan into moving all the pots out of the most neglected corner of the yard (this corner features quite a lot in the neglected list, dunno why)

And I got the whipper snipper (weed whacker, ah how I love the phrase!) out and attacked it viciously (don't worry, the grass fought back rather well - I have a number of little nicks out of me where a bit went flying!). Take that you evil grass! How dare you grow so long!

Then I tired of the oat crop. It was full of rust and was no longer pleasing me. It was meant to be green manure but we never dug it in.

Ha! Take that evil rusty oats! You will visit the green bin of death and mulching!

Good lord, there was a pot in there and also the multicoloured solar light! I had forgotten about that! Plus there are some chives and the snapdragon that has lived for three years now. I thought snappies were only annuals. I am going to have to carefully dig up the snappie and take it with me.

Crafting? Oh yes,there was much crafting! Knitting and something extra special to do with spinning.... but you must wait until later to see it!

Your flower picture today is a bud. (clickable this time), I give you one of my favourite roses, the once a year flowering Chapeau de Napoleon, with his cute little frilly sepals and his bit of mossing. He smells so delicious even in the bud cos of the mossing.



  1. your house looks very cute :)

    also, do you ever pet your flowers? when i used to have a garden (sigh) i would pet the petals and leaves and such.

  2. Congratulations on the house! It looks about the same size as mine - which is clad with fibro sheeting and looks like a holiday house. I used to tell myself it was like living in a holiday house permanently.

    So what's the garden like there?

  3. I thought snapdragons were annuals too until some of last years started coming up again and doing quite nicely. Quite a surprise considering that they were in a hanging basket that I had replanted!

  4. I love your new house! Get the feeling you will both be very happy there :-)


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