She's blown a fooffer valve!

G'day all!

Well what a day it has been.

Firstly welcome little Nicholas Edward (aka Cleatus Claymore) who was born on Halloween. Perfect timing for a little devil! 8lb 10oz - a good sized baby!

Lest you think I am not doing anything crafty, I show you a three month old sized singlet front, missing a b for baby:He will be able to wear this sooner than I expected if he keeps the weight on and stays ahead of the pack.

He will be able to wear this sooner than I expected if he keeps the weight on and stays ahead of the pack.

I did manage to get the hot water heater lit on the third go round. Scared the dickens out of me when the gas went WHUMP! I nearly fell over backwards. I didn't expect it to light for me. Obivously your kind thoughts made the difference :-) Plus I got two mossie bites :-( Mossie love me, but they love my FiL more so I like having him around when we are have a barbie - they go for him not me. YAY! (I am such a good DiL!)

Is mossie not a common term elsewhere? = Mosquito. Aussies (a perfect example) like to shorten names, except for the names they lengthen by putting typical familiars onto. Mossies. Barbies (=BBQs unless you really do mean the doll or a woman's name). Macca (for anyone with a surname starting with Mc or Mac). Wozza (Warren). Gazza (Gary). You don't hear things like milko (milkman) these days cos we all go to the milkbar (local shop) or supermarket for milk these days - no home deliveries.

So my day started reasonably early when I discovered that I could not stand the weeds outside the back door. I managed to get a bit sunburnt cos I got carried away - I thought I'd only pull out a couple of weeds then move on and do the other things like the washing of many loads of clothes and stuff. I did do the washing but I kept weeding madly and then went on to trimming some of the grass. Then I had to put the washing out to dry. Then I trimmed more of the grass - it is too high for the mover to get into, being well over knee high around some of the pots. It is growing so quickly I can't keep it down.

It was stinking hot and humid, especially for this time of the year. OK, it only reached 30 but it was fairly humid for these climes and of course today I did decide to work in the garden. So I got a bit hot and sweaty. Even my eyelids were sweaty. YUCK!

By the end of the day, this happened:

We had nearly a mm of rain, big tropical drops. There was a rainbow too but it was barely visible in the photos, so I went with the stormy weather shot instead.

I just realised the only people I have talked to in person today were my housemate and her boyfriend when they walked in the door 15 minutes ago. I said "evening." That is it. I did curse the cat a lot - Nutmeg likes to get up on the garage roof but she has problems getting down from it. I eventually found the ladder and hooked her off the roof. It was well and truly dark by this time. Ungrateful beast clawed me for my efforts. I talked to my other sister on the phone, but I had to cook dinner (I had meat sitting on the stove and had a blowie -blowfly - in the house) and I was expecting Nathan to call but he didn't. He didn't even email me today. Ah well, only a week until he is back and things get back to normal.

I have to mention this horse:

Yep, that is my picture taken from the TV of Makybe Diva winning the Melbourne Cup for the third time in a row. No other horse, gelding, stallion or mare has ever won three Melbourne Cups. She carried 58 kilos over 3200m (almost two miles) on our first hot day of the season. What a mighty mare she is. Phar Lap only won one Melbourne Cup but he was renowned for being a bit of an Ian Thorpe - good at all distances. She's run her last race, so now I guess she is off to stud. She's too valuable to race now, especially since a stablemate and fellow Cup hopeful died after a "racing incident" earlier in the spring.

Here's the start of a different life:

A noisy miner sitting on her nest. I saw two nestlings being fed yesterday. I am not sure she chose the best tree for the job, since it is not much bigger than me and is right next to a pedestrian crossing. On the other tentacle, she is fairly well camoflaged.

Argh, I think I am about to drown in cat hair. Nutmeg has hopped up on my lap and I am just plucking handfuls of hair off her. She is loving it. Totally ecstatic. Claws kneading my bare legs (I am wearing shorts!). ARGH!



  1. Woohoo! You got it lit! I hate lighting gas anything! It always freaks me out!

  2. Glad you got the gas heater/boiler thingy sorted out. Gas is scary stuff!

    As regards mozzies etc - yep we call them mozzies too in Blighty. Interesting you don't have milk deliveries any more - we never got any delivered until we moved to this house, at which point the local milkman homed in on us with miltary precision :-D Pity I can't drink the stuff any more!


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