G'day all!

Anyone got any good info on Bristol in the UK?

I am sure that my stats counter lies. It says that I had 120 visitors since my last post. I cannot believe that because it means that out of 120 visitors, only ONE wished me a happy birthday. When I visit a blog and it is someone's birthday, I wish them a happy birthday. I sorta assume that visitors to my blog will do the same. Hell, over 100 people wished Steph's husband a happy birthday and he doesn't even blog!

So I want to believe that my stats counter lies because I don't want to believe that knitblog land cannot be bothered making a simple comment. OK, my blog sucks badly because I write what I want to write on it but like the stats must be wrong. Surely. It must be the various forms of google checking to see if the pages are still there that bumps my stats up to about 50-60 a day. Please may the stats be wrong because otherwise knitblogger land is not what I thought it was and I am silly enough to let it ruin my lonely weekend.

I think I'd prefer the stats to be wrong and me to have only had one genuine visitor since Thursday. Yep, I can believe that cos after all I am not blogging much knitting (it's been too hot) and my blog isn't well written or, in particular today, actually that enjoyable to read.

Will I be embarrassed by this post in the future? Maybe but that is another part of my blog. It records where I am and how I feel about things. At present, I have to forget about blogging and the blogging community because I am so obviously not part of it. I suffered enough rejection as a child - I don't need to go seeking it online as well.



  1. i'm sorry i missed your birthday, lynne. life has been a bit nutty around here. happy belated birthday! hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner. and don't worry, my mumble birthday is in april, and i ahven't expired yet, lol!

  2. interestingly, I subscribe to your blog through bloglines and your last couple of posts all just all popped up together (despite my checking bloglines less than 12 hours ago). Sometimes bloglines just doesn't refresh a feed when it should (I've had this problem with them and my blog). The hit counter could be that high from crawlers or something...

    Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic birthday and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. *hides* I sent you an email (OK it did say something like "Hippo Bathday" but that is my odd sense of humour :-) )

    I am not blog-sophisticated enough to use something like Bloglines, sadly, but I should have left a comment here too, bad bad me *smacks wrists*. I hope the parcel got to Nathan OK btw?

  4. Anonymous1:38 am

    Happy Belated! I didn't even know, because we didn't make your BBQ (because we had Last Minute Parent Duty), so that makes me a very bad girl :(

    Darrow (happy birthday again!)

  5. A belated Happy birthday. Cor, wasn't it hot! Nasty thing, hot. I know quite a lot about Bristol, but what in particular did you want to know? Used to live 30 mins away and went there quite often and GLP worked on the outskirts of it for several years.


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