one sleep

One sleep and Nathan is back! (crosses fingers)

I hope he flying out of Singapore shortly - I am not dead sure of the time difference between here and there (though if the plane takes 7 hours and leaves at 20:15 and arrives at 6:15, that would make them three hours behind us? The flight is 10 hours long from the departure and landing times but is really only 7 hours long).

At least it won't matter this time if his luggage takes three days longer than he does to get to his destination....

I don't know who will be more excited to see him - me or the cats. They've been getting rather mopey.

Back to our irregular broadcast tomorrow. I haven't downloaded pics yet - it's been a busy night visiting the physio who says my ankle is about 96% right but my shoulder is crappy, putting away 6 loads of washing, getting most of the bedding all nice and neat on the bed (minus doonas cos getting the things into their covers makes my shoulder unhappy), doing some spinning whilst relaxing in front of the telly (DH says relaxing in front of the TV is impossible but he is a bloke), getting a tad of shopping done (and getting cranky cos there weren't any trolleys except for the ones with the baby seats or the kiddy seats and no baskets either unless you scabbed around for them), moving my handspun yarns into a new tub so that Nathan's trousers have a home in the drawers, galloping (in a tired sort of way) up and down the street getting pictures of the brilliant sunset, mopping up the back hallway after I left the door open and some of the 12mm of rain we had decided to rain inside rather than stay out, making and overcooking my bread that I love so much but maybe not qute so well done....

Hope he's brought a present home for me - he certainly picked up a large delivery of yarn - LOL.

Woo hoo!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. I just saw your previous post. Look at all the knitpicks! Looks like you have some knitting to do huh?

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. I always read, but I never comment.
    Great blog and enjoy all your new wool!

  4. I thought I'd left a comment on your birthday... obviously I was having another ditzy brunette moment.

    HB again!

  5. I'm glad it won't be long until Nathan gets home because then Lynne will be a very happy girl (the cats will be happy too).

    Hope the shoulder gets better soon.


  6. Ok, I'll admit, I missed it - what happened to your ankle and shoulder? Shoot!!! You've been so supportive to me with the fibro and I've been so selfish not checking in with you!!!! I blame it on "fibrofog". Please forgive me!


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