I do knit still!

G'day all!

OK, just to show you something you have not seen before, here is my progress on a picovoli in KnitPicks Shine in Blush:

See? I am knitting. I have been waiting to get the yarn so I could knit this top. It is another pink top. You would think I like pink or something. So far we are amused by it, though the rounds and rounds and rounds of plain stitch are getting a bit tedious. Thank heavens for hardback books and blogs to read as I go round and round and round.... It looks pretty messy at the moment - a provisional cast on, sleeves on scrap yarn, bits of threads going everywhere. It is going to gape at the neck a bit, but since I've made a picovoli, I can put a ribbon through the picot edge and tie it down a bit. It is onto the body shaping and I've used almost exactly three balls of yarn. I'm guessing the other three will make it to the bottom of the top and do the sleeve edgings. I hope. (crosses fingers)

Weeeellll what an interesting slow weekend we had. Yesterday was pretty amusing - we decided to go and have a look at the outside of Lawn St, the house we are looking at buying, and the Sudanese guys across the road were sitting outside having a beer or three. Nathan ended up having a chat to them for an hour, and sharing a beer, and bringing home a beer for later (VB, not his favourite...). They decided that we must be quite interested in the place cos I was there last week with another chick. LOL. Much advice about how much to offer followed. One guy was adamant - no more than $199K. Another said no more than $215K. The youngest one said $230K and it would be our home sweet home.

Anyway, then we had the PiLs around to a BBQ to discuss house stuff and I realised that I was missing A2's hen's night. I had meant to make a nice cake in the afternoon but instead we looked at the house and talked for waaay too long. Oooops! I had expected yahoo to remind me a couple of hours beforehand but something went awry with the calendar and I was reminded somewhat later.... but overall it was my own brain that was dysfunctional. Bad me!

I bought shoes today :-) My shoe collection has been slowly drained. Shoes get old and sad and no longer suitable for work. Or one stands in the gap between lift and floor and breaks the strap on the heel/ankle. Or the elasticy bit on the buckle dies and suddenly they are monster shoes that slop all over the place. I bought cheap shoes :-) I bought shoes that amused me or were dead ringers for the old worn out shoes. Three pairs for less than $60. Not all leather but I've found my feet get stinky in leather shoes too.

Finally, two pics from the front yard. I couldn't choose between them. I took the top pic of the hoverfly on the Amoenum:

And then took another shot just in case, and an BLASTED ARGENTINIAN ANT showed up on it.

I am SOOOO over these blessed ants - they have found a number of new ways into the house in the last week and are after protein one day or sugar the next. Must remember to tell J that I threw her squeezable honey out - there were drowned ants in it. They were swarming all over it.

Are hoverflies Australian? They hover lots. They don't sting. They just hover and watch. I've been told they eat bad bugglies like aphids but this one is quite clearly tasting the flowerheads of the Amoenum.



  1. we dont' have anything like your hoverfly here. everything that has black & yellow like that stings, whether it's a honey bee, bumblebee, yellowjacket or "sweat bee." i don't know what sweat bees actually are, but they hover around the recyclable cans trash container at the outdoor break area (where people smoke), and have stung a number of people. and work refuses to do anything about the bees themselves. i wish they would clean that darned thing out.

    what exactly is a picovoli? looks very pretty. and i'm sure pink looks very refreshing on you, with your coloring. i look good in pink too, although i refuse to wear shades like that lol. i'm too old for pastels (and yes, i'm 18 months older than you!

  2. Yep, no idea what a picovoli is but it looks pretty :-)

    We get lots of hoverflies here. I believe they eat aphids amogst other things. They will quite happily come and hover right next to you (possibly mistaking you for food :-D), lovely creatures.

    I don't envy you the ants. It's years (cross fingers) since we had to deal with ants in the house, and that was when we lived very near the sea and the garden was sand under a little soil - perfect for ants to live in.


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