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G'day all!

Todays blog is a series of random threads, cos that is where my head is at today. I didn't go in to work today because I was exhausted from a night of gut wrangling. I reckon I have caught an English bug from Nathan because he has been tired and gutty recently.

This totally fascinated me. Seeing how things change absorbs me. I've spent hours looking at it. It is an aerial picture of the area I live in at present. The picture was taken in 1945. There are a few landmarks I recognise, but some main roads don't even exist yet! BTW, I live in the block at the very left of the picture in the dark patch above the roads that cross on the diagonal. You can expand the picture by clicking on it.

Now, yarngirl asked why do I need to see a physio for my shoulder and ankle? The ankle was from rolling it about three weeks ago (I actually put my full body weight on the wrong side of my foot, like you walk on the sole not on the upper side but I tried a different way of walking. Didn't work so well as it turns out). The shoulder is from many years of abuse. It is my dominant shoulder and I managed to beat my first boyfriend in an armwrestle (he was so embarrassed but I had damaged myself so no rematch), then it popped out again 10 years later when someone fell on me at a masquerade ball and I tried to push them off in the classic shoulder dislocation position, and three years ago it went again in a thumbwrestle. Three months of dragging to different doctors for opinions before I tried a new chiro (who was a year out of school with top marks in everything and a friend). She found my whole shoulder girdle was out of whack, and two adjustments later I was able to lift my arm to shoulder height for the first time in months, and I didn't feel like I was going to explode from anxiety every time I moved my arm. Three years on, it is mostly settled and I feel it is time to get it fit again and get back into exercise. It has taken a while. Earlier attempts have not fared well - sometimes just walking would get it persnicketty. More on the outcome of the first set of physio-advised exercises tomorrow....

Speaking of injuries, no wonder Darth Vader was one mean dude! Lookie here for a discussion of his injuries.

Onto the outcome of Vader's life - cremation too environmentally unfriendly for you? Try promession. Then once the body is reduced to little bits, you have a range of options for its disposal. I particularly like the idea of the life gem - who needs a real diamond when you can have a synthetic one made from the ashes of your dead nearest and dearest? Or you too can shower your nearest and dearest with your ashes as they are fired off in fireworks.... (Mum and Dad are interred in neat little boxes in a memorial park with a view. Only problem is that in their row all the roses (Just Joeys) died. I reckon it was Mum's fault - she never liked apricot roses. She much preferred red ones.)

I first read this article because the guy who was interviewed is the Emeritus Professor at the institute I did my PhD at. I'm guessing that he thinks "Intelligent Design" is a load of bunkum. I tend to be a midi-chlorianless agnostic Jedi who studies pastafarianism myself.

Ha-ha! A quiz, shamelessly copied from Margene, only I used my birthdate ;-)

Your Birthdate: November 3

You are more than a big ball of energy - you are a big ball of hyper.

You are always on the go, but you don't have a type a personality.

Instead of channeling your energy into work, you instead go for fun and adventure.

Witty and verbal, you can have an interesting conversation with anyone.

Your strength: Your larger than life imagination

Your weakness: You tend to be pretty scattered

Your power color: Lime

Your power symbol: Lightning bolt

Your power month: March

If anyone finds my energy or my wit running around, I'd really like them back thanks! And lime is nice but not on me!

OK dokey, after no spinning or knitting mentioned, I shall bid you



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