G'day all!

Equanimity is resumed.

Yesterday's spaz was not over not getting any comments from people who hadn't dropped by recently - like that is silly. My spaz was in part related to the hundred-odd visits recorded by the counter with the resultant ONE comment. As Xantha said, it is likely that it is the web crawlers and bots that cause my hit counter to show a reasaonable number of hits and those hits that don't generate any comments at all....

So thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday. Dreamcatcher, no need to get upset cos I as not cross with you or anyone in particular, I was grumpy cos I supposedly had so many hits and only one comment from the lovely Cathy in Tassie. Now I have a few more comments!

I suppose you'd like to see what I got for my birthday?

Would you be suprised to see that it involved yarn or things to do with knitting? No? Whyever not?

A while ago, I ordered some books from Amazon since they have books we just cannot get here in Oz. The order took so long to arrive that I forgot what I ordered so it was just like Christmas (or my birthday) all over again!

I forgot to put Nancy Bush's Folk Socks in the pic as someone was looking at it at the time. K got Nancy's Vintage Socks, so I figured I should get the other one. Knitting on the road can wait until later!

Have I had a chance to read any of the books yet? Well I've started on bookbookbook2 but that is it. I've been extremely busy recently.

I also couldn't remember what I had ordered from Knitpicks. Opening the Knitpicks box (no we can't get knitpicks here unless you have a helpful friend in the USA that you have pay postage to.... ooops, it will get paid!) was like participating in an archaeological dig, only it didn't take so long and was not so dirty or tedious. The results were worthwhile though.

Level one:

Level two:

Level three:

Note the added extras - some cinnamon gum, some mocha chocolate (shared around as it was warm and I feared it would melt), not just one but TWO tubes of lip stuff and of course a card. Thanks, J! It gave me much pleasure just opening the box and seeing added goodies :-)

K's bounty - the colourful sockyarn, with one skein of Shimmer for me to play with (the blue/turquoise/green of course!)

My bounty - six balls pink Shine and lots of dye your own (including a skein for K). The Shine was destined for a Grumperina tivoli tshirt until it was replaced by the Picovoli. Picot edging is a different thing for me (MORE sewing!) so I'll give it a try... But this is a boring picture of lots of dye your own yarn. Not sure why I bothered!

It is good to have a project to knit again. I haven't been knitting much cos I was waiting for this order to arrive. Now I can get moving! I've cast on with the provisional cast on (took FOREVER or so it felt) and now I am 9 or 10 rows past the picot edge. It was very pleasant sitting outside knitting late this afternoon, enjoying the sunshine (actually I was sitting in the shade cos it felt like it was 40/100 plus in the sun). I have not had a lot of chances to just sit down and do very little recently. Have I swatched and checked my tension? Is the pope a Jew? So far my tension is ok but when it hits that water....

Have I mentioned that it has been hot again this weekend? I am not going to complain for reasons that I will reveal at a later date.

Tomorrow (or when I next blog) I hope to show you some extra birthday bounty. Ooo la la!

Finally today, some pics from sunset on Thursday.



  1. Happy birthday for the other day!! Haven't dropped by for a while - been without a computer for 9 days!!!! Now have new one, have to set up everything again - ARGH!! Hard drive on old one died, plus several other bits. It was more than 5 years old, and it was seriously dead!! Shit happens!! A site for you: Have fun!!

  2. *covets your Knitpicks yarn* :-)

    Love that turquoise colourway.

    Nice book selection too. I loves knitting books, preciousss. Caved and ordered "Knitting Over The Edge" yesterday. I had to order some other stuff for Christmas prezzies and it just sort of slipped in to the basket :-))

  3. Hi Lynne, a belated Happy Birthday to ya! Thanks for commenting on my sunrise. It's weird cos we don't get really spectacular sunrises or sunsets here in the UK but this year has been an exception. Your DH is right about the fireworks going off for weeks before Bonfire Night. It's better now than when I first moved over here 9 years ago, it used to be about a month either side back then. Your Melbourne sunset is lovely - I miss those Aussie sunsets!

    All the best, Sue

  4. Yeah!! I was worried about the chocolate melting - after I sent it off. I had visions of melted brown stickiness all over the beautiful yarn. Whew...glad that didn't happen. I didn't know you couldn't have cows milk until after also - so sorry. I was trying to just stick in a few *lightweight* things so it didn't affect the postage. I don't think the lip balm has anything that might disagree with you, though. I know how it is to have sensitive tummy, you know. I *got* bookbookbook2 just yesterday - perfect for beside the bed for a knitting anecdote or 2. I love Alterknits also - one of the best from this year. We have such similar taste in books! No hurry, BTW, on postage $. Like I need more yarn right now. And that's what it'll go to. I'm just treating it like future fun $.

  5. wow! great stuff! I have a hank of the turquoise laceweight... I love it, it's so soft and shiny. I just can't decide what to DO with it. heh!

  6. i'm on page 68 in "cheaper". hope you enjoy all your goodies, i'm so jealous. my secret pal left a comment on my blog last week that my package had been returned as undeliverable because a sorting machine had decided to try to eat the package, and she barely got it back. i'm sure i'll be having something nice very soon! what a lovely bunch of stuff! how is alterknits? i'm thinking about it.

  7. Wow!!! That is some box O' goodies - I'm jealous but so happy for you! Wow!! I think I need to order me up some knitpicks!


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