Hey, is that the time?

G'day all!

Well my week has just flown by. I haven't had a chance to email anyone for days, so apologies to those I have not yet contacted.

It's Friday and the 11th day of the 11th month. That means it is Remembrance Day, or Poppy Day. The Flanders Poppies are going nuts in the front yard. I let them grow wild these days.

Poppies for young men, death's bitter trade... (Sting)

I have not yet lost a relative to war, so I am blessed.

Onto different things. Yarn. How about some pics of some yarn?

My good friend Dreamcatcher visited the Colinette factory in Wales a while ago. Lookie what she bought me from the millshop! DH brought it home for me in his luggage.

And some extra bonus shots showing some of the colourways - some are definately related colours.

Can you blame me for dreaming with all this yummy yarn around me?

Isn't that an amazing collection? Like there is about $200 in yarn if I was able to get it all in Oz. I'll just fall over backwards for a while.

Plus some beady things:

With some cute Pictish style beads/amulet.

I even got the card today - a dragon with a bit of Celtic inspired flame/smoke dotted around him/her. LOL. Nathan finally started unpacking the rest of his bag.... Plus I have not taken a shot of the best card I've got in ages, even better than the dragon - a totally whacked out looking sock monkey! Must take a pic, though it is copyright.... Hmmm....

OK, Nathan wants to go for a walk even though it is FREEZING outside - weather has returned to normal for this time of the year and is about 15 currently, except my weather monitor is busted. After a week of 30 plus we are noticing the difference.



  1. Wow, that Colinette would be so expensive here in the states too! You are one lucky girl!

  2. Makes a nice, soft pillow, eh? Can't blame you a bit for a little snuggle!

  3. I love your poppy, it's so nice to see something bloom this time of year.


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