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G'day again all!

It seems thinks are getting a little dismal in some parts of the world, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of the poppies flowering around my yard. I love my Flanders poppies in particular - the ones with the black patches in them. They now self sow in the front yard. The fancy ones are not as tough so there are fewer of them each year. I grow them for Pop, not that he would give a toss cos he was a bit eccentric (but that may be this pot calling that kettle black).

Freshly out of the pod - a crumpled beauty:

Where's the black patches?

Despite playing with the colour I cannot make this picture look as ugly a colour as the poppy itself. I am going to save open pollinated seed from it and see what it comes up with next year:

What a lovely lass, white with pretty pink swirled around her skirts:

A trio of the original and the best:

I have heaps more flowers, so if you want more, let me know! I have weird Australian flowers, roses, daisies, triggerplants, all sorts of things! And soon they will have their own home! (crosses fingers) You just have to show me your spring when things are getting a little quiet around here!



  1. Those are beautiful! I love the one next to the pod. All our leaves are GONE.

  2. Pretty poppies! Do you have any of the Himalayan blue ones? Not sure if it would be too warm for them there though. Love to see more of the plant piccies. Like everwhere else in the Northern Hemisphere is is getting cold and with short days so it's lovely to see spring elsewhere :-)


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