Freshly broiled for you

G'day all!

Well it has been another day. We are still broiling here - it was over 30 degrees and humid again! To be honest with you, I don't think I am smelling so fresh any more. I have so much tidying to do and you know how much I've done tonight?

Not a cracker! I've been too busy feeling hot and watering the plants and trying to get the cats to actually do something about the half fledged blackbird they found. Useless cats. Blackbirds are feral here and displace native birds. I hateses blackbirds. They make horrid noises and dig up my worms.

Now today was a very interesting day. I thought it was going to be totally poxy when I got to the station and realised
a) my handbag's handle was broken
b) I had totally forgotten to bring any lunch with me
c) I had forgotten to grab any money
d) after I bought the paper that I only had $1.50
e) my train was cancelled
f) I was going to arrive at work half an hour later than I wanted
g) my train was quite full and not airconditioned
h) make that 3/4 of an hour later after the train in front of mine broke down and it took 10 minutes to offload the passengers whilst the people in my nonairconditioned train fried. Then a couple of thousand people tried to get on an already full train....

Yea verily my day did remain poxy for quite a great deal of the day.

Then I got home and discovered that the mailman had left packages in the mailbox. Boo hiss, they were for the housemate, except for my newsletter that the mailman had savagely rubber banded around the packages, crushing it. Sigh.

But at the front door I found:

a box of mystery, well not a whole lot of mystery, and

??? A big blue bag?

For some reason my Amazon order came in a big blue bag and was rather squashed. That confused me!

I can't open the boxes until tomorrow (3rd) cos even though some of the stuff is for a friend, lots of it is for ME! So you'll get pics of the contents later.

My lovely PiLs have invited me around for dinner tomorrow night, which is excellent cos I was facing having my birthday dinner all alone after I had cooked it on my lonesome. Then I can choof off to craft night and open my parcels and everyone can admire my new acquisitions. :-)

OK, time for me to start moving more boxes out of the dining area and into the library, which is looking more and more like a rather tidy version of a bombsite - the bookcases carefully pulled apart and stacked against the wall, a pile of boxes taking their place. I figure if I have to move in the next month or so, at least some of my stuff will be ready to go.



  1. Lots of parcels to open! Hope you have a nice day tomorrow :-)

    The description of the piles of boxes brings back memories of when we last moved, in 1998. It also reminds me we really need to sort out our attic and ebay/give away anything we don't really want any more. Not a minor task!

  2. Oo oo oo!! What's in the box? The excitement is killing me!


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