An ode to mossies

O! mosquito!
How I hate thee!
How I hate thy whine
The shrillness of which hurts mine ear
And disturbs mine sleep.
O! Mossie!
Why dost thou bite me even though
I am covered in Aeroguard so heavily
I cannot stand mine own stench?
How dost thou find me despite the
obscuring odour?
What is thy fascination
with finding the edge of my shoe
or sock
and biting me there?
How I detest thy bite
which raises lumps the size of 10 cent pieces
or larger than american quarters
or 10p bits if you are English.
Lumps that have interesting contours and follow my lymph,
or my blood vessels,
take your choice.
How I wish my dear father in law were here,
for you love him even more than you love me,
and you would bite him and cause him much itchiness.
Better him than me.
How I hate thee, mossie.
Go and find someone else's flesh to bite
and procure blood for your horde of eggs and new mossies.
Dear husband, hand me my antihistamines
and cortisone cream
so that I may no longer
If I am lucky.

by Lynne, age (mumble)

Gosh I love writing really bad poetry. My output is one really bad poem a year. I reckon the Vogons could not do much better (or should that be worse? :-) (You can write sme Vogon poetry at the BBC's generator if you want! hOpe the link works!) My favourite of my poems is still "Ode to Toilet Paper at 8 Nicholson Street." My old worksite was really cheap when it came to dunny paper. One ply scratchy stuff with holes in it. Only marginally better than that horrid shiny stuff that is about as effective as wiping oneself with wax paper.

Now thanks to all those who have joined my Frappr map over the last day - it's great to have you pinning me! Since I can't send them messages, I'll just say a big g'day to Helen of the Flinders Ranges (we passed them by on the way to and from WA - must go there some day! They look FAB! Send pics! Send a URL!) and Lisa from Ontario (which I have never passed by unless you count flying from Chicago to NYC but will visit one day :-).

In a moment of madness, I started knitting a lap rug this evening. Roughly 20cm squares. Roughly. I am joining them onto each other as I go. It is going to be a bit ugly in some ways but really cool in others. I am knitting it with two strands of 8 ply (DK equivalent or roughly worsted) on 7.5mm needles. So far I've knitted three squares. It is much quicker than knitting the squares with a single strand, though I seem to be going through the yarn at a rapid rate. Oh well, when I run out of yarn, I'll stop making squares! Once I have a few more squares done, I'll take a pic and then YOU can choose a square to sponsor for a certain Crazy Aunt. Make a donation to your favourite/worthy charity (not yarn shop! ;-) and I'll put your name on the back of a square! This is my way around the problem of getting an afghan together in time for Christmas and having a good knitterly association with it.

Now since I have not been taking pics of the flowers in the garden recently, I've found a couple of shots from some drives we've done around this time of year or a little earlier.

This pretty pink orchid has a botanical name that Nathan and I should know, since we are members (currently nonfinancial) of the Victorian native orchid society. However, we don't remember what it is called and I've packed away the reference books. Oops. It is about 1.5cm across or say 2/3 inch.

This picture was taken a year ago on the Acheron Way. The daisy bushes and Christmas bush (white flowers) were blooming alongside the Prostanthera (mauve flowers). I love prostanthera. It is called mint bush for a reason - it has a spicy, peppery minty smell when you brush the leaves or in hot weather. If you are ever in the area and it is a nice day, not in winter, it is a great drive.



  1. You've got me cracking up over the "Vogon" poetry...very nice. I quite like your diamond scarf - I don't think the colors are lurid at all!

  2. Wonderful poetry. One thing's true though. Mosquitos (or anything bitey for that matter) sure do prefer some people over others don't they?

  3. Love the poem!

    For some reason Mozzies love me too! Even though there is two smaller younger juicier fleshes in the house!! Perhaps its cos I am a rare blood type? Though so is Harley.



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