Spring is sprung! And Lynne bursts!

The grass is riz
I wonder where the boysies is?

G'day all!

Ah days like today make the heart sing, at least for the time one is allowed out of work at lunchtime. The rest of the day it weeps, desperate to be let out of its work box. Bright sunshine outside, very little breeze and it felt warmer than 20 degrees. But alas! I must work to keep a roof over the heads of my beloved and I.

This blog entry is a random ramble. Not much knitting content cos I am working on the pink top and that involves much stocking stitch.... Plus from an optimistic start, this entry really goes downhill.

This time a year ago I was watching the weather forecasts with a certain degree of dismay. A big day was coming up and the weather forecast was becoming increasingly poor. On the Monday before they forecast 15 and snow to 1200m and by the Thursday it had stabilised at snow down to 400m and 13 max. I reckon the temp hardly topped 10 all day and was about -20 as I stood shivering outside the pavillion in all my finery.

Well, it isn't going to be quite as bad weather this weekend, I hope, cos we are going back to the Grampians for our first anniversary. Well I hope we are cos Nathan has not organised anything and I can't get through to the place I want to stay at. If we can't stay there, maybe we'll just go for a drive and see some stuff we haven't seen for a while. I love driving holidays.

Speaking of holidays, we had hoped to go to England in November, but I've done the maths and worked out that it will cost us upwards of $7000 and we just can't afford to spend that sort of money, not when it will wipe out our savings when we are trying to accumulate a savings record in hope that one day we will be able to buy a house.

Instead, we might go to NZ cos that will cost a lot less or maybe even just do a driving holiday for a couple of weeks, say up the east coast. Haven't done that in umm nearly 5 years.

I was going to blog two pics from our last really big driving trips (one pic would confirm one of Cathy's suspicions) but now I am feeling very annoyed cos DH STILL hasn't set up my access so that I can hook pics off his machine. He's known about this problem for at least two months. Of course if I was a linux guru, I would know what arcane characters to put in what windows but I'm not. Grrr. Plus he has left me with the same 18 songs playing over and over and I cannot figure out how to work the "best" music playing program he has found. I don't know what he looks for in a music program but I look for one that I can stop and play and pause at will, rather than having shuffle, net, repeat and next commands being the only obvious ones on the screen.

Can you tell that I am feeling a high degree of frustration with my life at present? I am trapped in a job I no longer enjoy. I can't find a job that I want to do that I have the qualifications for. BTW, I have a PhD but I am underqualified in anything I want to do. I can't afford to go and get those qualifications cos I have to pay up full fees (one particularly juicy course will cost $13,000) and also give up every ounce of my precious spare time whilst wrassling myself to go to work every weekday. I've tried studying part time whilst working full time and it doesn't work for me - I get stressed and then I get every last bug that goes by. I should start buying a ticket in the lottery again. I feel I've got as much hope of winning lotto as finding me a new job. Plus I want to play with my fibre dyes and my spinning and my knitting and get my yarns page up and running properly instead of being half broken as it is. Instead of doing effective things, I am wheel spinning. I knit a bit and spin a bit and read blogs, trying to flee my current life. I am not doing the simplest things, like getting the huge pile of dishes washed that we have accumulated in the study or ending off long over due parcels. It is really annoying me.

Ah well, time to do some dishes. Time to make a bit of difference.



  1. Don't worry, we all have crazy days where it seems nothing is quite right. But you have spring coming and that should at least put a smile on your face!

    Hang in there!

  2. Yes, hang in there. I have had those times in my life, and then something comes along and changes. It won't be this way forever!


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