Thockth away

G'day all!

I finally have a FO to report! This is the problem of being a butterfly and liking a range of things. But yes, I have a pair of rainbow lorikeet thockth completed.

See the heels are different cos I started on a different part of the round. I reckon they are very nifty, though I must get that last bit of the fit right.

If I tire of wearing these socks, then I reckon they will have a second life as some sort of really bright critters with an elephant mouth:

As I was home on Thursday and in need of some distraction, I mixed up some of my new Landscapes dyes and did a small batch of fleece to see what the colours look like.

I didn't use enough dye but we have marine, wattle and tomato. All pretty good names for these colours I reckon.

Next I have to play with the colours and dilute them down, see what happens and then start mixing them in different amounts. Oh if only I had another gazillion hours a week to do all the things I want to do!

Traffic in Melbourne had a severe case of Sundayitis today. I don't think I've seen so many losers on the road on any one day. My favourite is the person who would not go past the semi-trailer, so they clagged up the two lane road by sitting in the other lane just behind the truck whilst the truck did 40kmh (aka rather slow). Then there was the person who did 40 in all the school zones, cos it is SO OBVIOUSLY a school day, being a Saturday, and so obviously between 2:30 and 4pm, since it was 2pm.... The person who just randomly stopped and looked intently into the window of a takeaway food place then decided to do a u-turn....

Ah well. Could be worse. I could be stuck in NO. I could be driving a gas-guzzling petrolaholic monstrous 4WD (SUV). Petrol has reached $1.25 a litre (about $3.80 a gallon in US dollars) and is predicted to reach $1.42 in the next couple of weeks. That is up nearly 50 cents a litre in about 3 months. Thank heavens my car only needs about 6.5l/100km cos even he now takes more than $40 to fill his little tank. Katrina has really knocked a lot of things around - the repercussions are worldwide. What's the fuel price doing in the USA, Canada, Europe and UK?

A friend sent me this link to a nifty little hat. I've heard of Jinglish and Chinglish but now we need Inglish as well. LOL

Finally, the genetic code of the chimp has been sequenced. Not much different to humans - only about 4% of the genes are different. OK, so there are about 53 genes that we have that chimps don't and ones that they have that we don't (including one that appears to protect against Alzheimers).

On that note,



  1. Hmm.. is that Regia Clown? I have some of that in the Sick Sock Stash. I know what you mean about the petrol, it's $1.29 here in Sydney today. It cost me $32 to fill up my Mazda 121, it used to only cost $20-$25 a week or year or so ago!

  2. Those socks look wild! I so love them. I know if my girls saw them they would want a pair too! lol

    Yep Petrol has shot through the roof down here in Tassie. We had plans on taking a trip to the coast to see Adams grandmother. Its gonna cost about $50 to get there and back in petrol alone! Our car has gas but it needs looking at..Might have to get that done it might turn out to be a lot cheaper.


  3. I agree with Katt that the petrol has shot up in Tassie.

    The other day it was $1.20.9 but it's now $1.28.9 so that a rise of 8cpl in a few days.


  4. Love the socks!

    Petrol is around 91p, 92p a litre here at the moment. Outrageous. It had been going up well before hurricanes and the like started ;p

    On a happier note cheers for the hat pattern link :-D


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