G'day all!

What a stressful day it has been. Burning the yarn was not helpful.

Getting through the first ball of Lion and Lamb for my blog-disease and figuring that I didn't really like it didn't help either.

Having one of the cats, who *always* comes when I call her not come in for 15 minutes of calling and then spend half her time washing her backside and looking terribly stressed didn't help. I had images of poor Beatrix in my mind. (If Brainylady drops by, my condolences, if a bit late - I didn't want to leave a comment after finding out nearly two weeks later cos that is bad form too).

The house smelling of burnt hair leads to a certain stress too, along with a sore throat, scratchy eyeballs and unhappy lungs.

But I did manage to get to Marta's to buy some replacement tops to spin up. Plus I saw this pattern by Yummyyarn being knitted by Jillian and decided maybe it would be a better use of one ball of Lion and Lamb. I've only done one repeat so far cos until I got Nathan to print the pattern, I couldn't read it, as my computer and the printer are having "Issues" at present. The copy on screen appears to have half a dozen symbols for the yarn over open circle - that confused me! But printed, it is fine. Weird, huh?

So now I am a copy cat (from Ballarat, went to school and got the strap - anyone have their own local version of that schoolyard chant?). Can you forgive me, Jillian?

The amazing highlight of the day has to be taking Nathan to the piano shop to buy a new key thingo for the bongo drums he has to play on Sunday. The church bongos have not been used in years it seems and the skins were loose and floppy. So I took him to the piano and music shop, about 15 minutes drive away, to get a tuning key.

The guys at the shop couldn't find any in the cabinet so one went rummaging out the back looking for them.

In the mean time, Nathan and I wandered off into the music area to look at sheet music.

We found a book of sheet music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. We are listening to a lot of his music at present. DIdn't know he was dead - I guess he won't be writing any more!

So the $2 tuning key turned into a $39.95 book. Ka-ching! That's $41.95 thank you! Ah well, we can afford $42 to keep Nathan happy.

Then Nathan looked wistfully at the pianos and played a few. He found a yamaha that he reallllllly likes. Black and glossy and not played much and nice and tight with a good tone - even I could tell it has a bright tone despite the small child attacking all the electronic pianos and playing them on THE most annoying stops he could find.....


EEEEK! You can buy a half decent second hand car here for that, as long as you don't mind small cars or rather older large cars.

So we have put a holding deposit on it whilst Nathan works on his parents for a loan.

Then when we got home, after a side trip to Marta's, Nathan discovered that the bongo is missing a lug and one of the drums can't be tightened.

Darned waste of $2.


Well looks like I am fairly much recovered so it is back to work for me tomorrow!



  1. Lynne, oh lynne - there is nothing to forgive! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And to be truthful, I was no enamored of the pattern I had (secretly) hoped that by putting it on my blog it would inspire others. I love to see the same patterns go around and around. It will be divine in Lion and Lamb. I've never even touched the stuff, but I know it's special.

  2. Well - at least you are feeling better, if nothing else! Hope kittycat is OK.

    Way to go on the piano :o

  3. That's actually a good price for a not-much-used Yamaha. I won't tell you what our new one cost four years ago.

    I presume I was right about the Clap? I am liking mine as a scarf as I think it will be lovely and cuddly round the neck next winter, but it is tedious knitting! About the only interesting bit is the unravelling that occurs every twelve rows. That's vaguely entertaining. The rest is too easy to be interesting but needs just enough attention to the row counts to not be mindless knitting.


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