It's springtime - time for war in my front yard

G'day all!

Well we now know what happens when I get angry, when I am outraged and my principles, my very values are threatened.

Plants DIE folks! Yes, that is right, I get all righteous and (get DH to) prune a whole lotta shrubs. Lookie this poor grevillea:

And there's the pile of shrubbery all bundled up (that took four hours to bundle up today) and ready to be collected by the council in their hard rubbish collection sometime in the next week or so:

Costs us nothing this way. Normally our council take trailerloads of greenwaste for an unknown sum and offer it back to us at the princely price of $35 per cubic metre. Yikes. Costs $15 to dump greenwaste and $5 for a cubic metre of mulch at the next door Knox waste transfer station.... but this is FREE! Then we'll have to pick up some more cheap mulch. It is the best stuff in the yard - worms love it and the soil is so much better after a good layer of newspaper and mulch.

I could also blame Peter Cundall for Nathan "liberating" so many plants in our yard recently rather than me declaring war on weeds. Pete has been showing how you can liberate a plant form old, moribund growth by pruning. Have we been pruning! Soon I will blog the tale of the tibouchina. To be honest, though, a lot of the plants really needed a hard prune and the grevilleas out the front are monstrous, nasty plants with tiny little spikes on the tip of each leaf. Impossible to weed under which is why there is panic veldt grass all under the first pic. Our winters are so mild that grass continues to grow, albeit slowly. Plus I have been talking to the Etherknitter a little about gardening and am feeling rather inspired.

Ah, this is a knitting blog. I have started reknitting the pink top. I have adopted a new pattern that seems to have a much better fit. Pity that I didn't take any pics of the knitting or the new pattern, eh? So far it has been a lot of stocking stitch with the lace from the previous version stuck on the bottom. I have another 5cm (2") before I reach the armhole shaping. That means I have done over 20cm of plain boring stocking stitch since I crawled into bed at 9pm last night and started reading whilst I knitted. I find that it is much easier to knit and read hardback books than paperbacks. I hate bending the spines on my paperbacks. No dog-ears, no tattered bits, my paperbacks must look pristine. Or Else!

Of interest to my fellow knitty colleagues in Melbourne - hop along to "Wondoflex's Warehouse Sale." Saturday September 10 until Saturday September 17. Warehouse at rear of Wondoflex Yarn Craft Centre (enter via main door, 1353 Malvern Road, Malvern). Mon to Fri 9am to 5:30pm, Sat 9am to 12:30pm. Up to 50% off selected packets of Imported Yarns including Filastura di Crosa and Anny Blatt. Packets of yarn starting at $10.00 per pack. Selected mixed packs - at greatly reduced prices. Or so their blurb says.

Bottom! It starts on the weekend that DH and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary! Ah well, I don't need any more yarn, except for the stuff from Marta's for the secret project DH wants me to make. Of course Marta's was shut today, being the first Sunday in Spring. I forgot and tried to visit. Plus I wanted some 3.5mm circs or DPNs so I can start working on my handspun socks - I didn't exactly make the yarn thin. LOL. But no dice, or at least no needles or yarn. D'OH!

Marta's is also having a sale. At least 10% off everything and up to 50% off some items.

Finally, on this Sunday evening before another week of work, I bring you a shot of our newly liberated front fence - it only has to contend with several Lorraine Lee roses:

(DH tried to cut down the roses too but not when they are less than a month from their full flush of flowers)

And the prettiest lichen I've seen in ages (click on the pic for a shot of the whole lot), of course from a tree branch we pruned cos that branch likes to clock me on the head when it is in leaf:



  1. My backyard is going to need some serious pruning, like your front yard, come fall. It does really help, though.

    Can't wait to see pics of your new pink top!! Second time is the charm.

  2. Is that a picture of Cradle Mountain that I see on DH's t-shirt? (That question could only come from a Tassie girl.)

    I need to get into the vegie patch and clean it up so that I can plant my vegies when the times right. Yuck!!!!!


  3. Ooh that is a handsome lichen. Do you get the very "leafy" types too? We get them in areas where air pollution is very low e.g. Cornish coast.


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