husband and wife!

Woo hoo!

The deed is done! You can see a few pics here or a WHOLE lot of pics here, but be warned that the second page has many many pics from the whole weekend, including some of the railway station at Ararat.... You can't tell that Nathan's dad is a train nuffy at all, can you?

You can see my knitting prowess for the weekend in some of the shots too - my little flurfy greenish scarf, made from el-cheapo Feather's knock off from Lincraft and their eyelash yarn. I saw them last week and thought you beaut, that will go nicely, even if it is not what one would expect to go with a wedding outfit.

I have to say we chose the most AMAZING day for our wedding. Had I known 12 months ago when I chose that particular day that on my wedding day it would not only rain, but also:

    • hail

      sleet and even


    I may well have had it on another day. Remember that it is spring here - the flowers are blooming beautifully, the birds are acting up like birds do in spring, and it SNOWS on my wedding day. It hardly ever snows below 600m here, and snow at 600m is unusual. We got snow at about 250m. OK, so it didn't stay on the ground but it was falling on people. At least snow is nicer than sleet....

    The day itself was great. The sun did come out in between the rain, hail, sleet and snow, so we got a few nice shots at John's Mt Cassell wildflower nursery in Pomonal. If you happen to be out Pomonal way, do drop in and visit John. He has fab gardens and a great range of plants.

    Hmm, better go and make sure I have all the gear I want to knit on the trip to and from WA. The capital city of WA is four hours plane flight away. That gives you some idea of how far we are going to drive. There is one part of the road on the Nullarbor that is perfectly straight for three or four *hundred* kilometres. That's no bends for three or four hours of driving. Plus it is flat. And fairly arid.

    I almost feel like offering a prize to anyone who can tell me the meaning of the named, Nullarbor Plain. If you are an Aussie and get it right, no prize! If you are an Aussie and get it wrong you get a virtual kick up the butt, ok? If you come from somewhere else, I'll find some thing nice in my stash.

    OK. Time to go and wash the blue dye out of my hair ;-) I've been rather green for days and want some blue too.

    Hopefully I'll be able to blog whilst I am away, but I doubt if I can do pics on the road cos that means I have to have a way to uplink them to a remote location.

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