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can't say g'day all on this one.

Don't read this post if you get upset by the thought of someone being nasty to an animal, cos it is all about people being nasty to fellow human beings (But I am sure they would stop to pat a pussy cat.)
I've been reading a few blogs about the aftermath of Katrina and I have to say that I am totally dismayed. I now why why NO is necessary - it is the fith largest port in the world and absolutely necessary for the US economy (not even including the oil).

I've been reading about the revelation of the Two Americas (and I mean true revelation - the unmasking), about the stuff ups, about the horrors. It just gobsmacks me. More here, here and here.

Now it isn't my place to lay blame, but it does seem to me that the poor and anyone else who couldn't evacuate NO for whatever reason have been abandoned. Who seem to be the poorest? I reckon you can guess.

Who wants to lay bets that Halliburton will get a lot of the contracts for rebuilding NO?

America, what happened to you? What happened to the land of the free? What happened to all those mighty ideals?


  1. All I can say is, me too. I've been moved to tears by the (mis)management of the Katrina tragedy, in some respects even more so than the Tsunami, which was a lot closer to home (fellow Aussie waving here!!). That situation seemed to be under control a lot sooner and better managed, and by other countries, than what the US govt can manage in their own backyard.
    On a knitty note, can i pick your brains?? I am having trouble spinning from roving, could you enlighten me as to how you prepare it for spinning?? When I comb it, it just comes off in tufts in the comb, which is a problem if I want to keep the colourway of the roving. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!!
    Thanks, Alison

  2. I heard yeasterday that they have given the Army/Police/Whoever permission to Shoot At Will at AMERICAN PEOPLE down in the flooded areas! I was shocked and found the whole thing repulsive. They truely have abandoned people left down there. Stopped treating them like humans. I guess it really shows what the American Government is like.


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