A happy thought

G'day all!

I've been a complete grumpster recently. Grump grump grump! Grumperina, eat your heart out! Noone has been able to outdo my crabbiness (and no it isn't hormonal).

Then today, as I was discussing possible plans for things to do whilst Nathan is in England, I suddenly thought, "I can visit my sister!"

Well for some people that would be reward enough, though you might want to visit your own sister not mine. LOL. Of course if you do want to visit my sister, you'd better visit me too otherwise I'll be very jealous.

So you know what made me happy? Not so much the idea of driving to Wodonga (300km away, about 200 miles) but the fact that if I go via Beechworth then I can go to La Blanche, my favourite icecreamery. Now I hear you say, "But Lynne you can't eat icecream." Nope, I can't. But they do absolutely wicked gelati that are GF and DF. Drool.

So seeing my sister is nice, but getting to go to La Blanche, buying gelati and having a chat with the young bloke who runs it is EXTRA BONUS happy making. Even better, I should be able to buy gelati on my way up *and* on my way back! LOL

Even if I won't be going for another 8 weeks.

Today I had a chat with a researcher who is looking into the SnB phenomenon, and that was interesting. She asked why do I enjoy knitting? This is something that I have not really delved into because when I have tried to work out my motivation for doing stuff in the past, I've tended to destroy my enjoyment of it. There is the pleasure of taking string and making something useful and functional, maybe even pretty or stylish, out of it, the working with my hands, the soothing nature of it (as you wrangle some recalcitrant knitting and try to make it do your will...) but really I just seem to like doing it. I like having my hands occupied usefully. I like creating stuff - it is just an innate urge. I've always liked making stuff, whether it is beaded stuff or FIMO or knitting or costuming, embroidery, woodwork - whatever. As long as I am making something. I am a Maker, but not in the sense of Alvin Maker - those were good books before ASC went a bit OTT on the community stuff. Communal book writing does not work IMO.

Just because it is Spring and I have taken too many pics of the garden, I give you two stars of the show, at present. Firstly we have a daffodil I believe is called "Ice Follies" (you may be able to tell I am very fond of this daffodil)

and for Vicki, some rather munched panolas (too small for a pansy, too big for a viola):

I should show off some more of the native plants too - I've got pics, I just have to tidy them.



  1. Lynne,
    Your daffodil and violas are beautiful! Hard to believe youare going thru spring now. Have a good day.

  2. Yummy, GF DF "ice cream"! We get "Swedish Glace" sold here (even by *gasp* some supermarkets) and it is nummy.

    Love the purdy flower photos. Ice Follies are a very handsome daff!

  3. Wow - i didn't know you were a multi-crafter! And don't forget to add dyeing and spinning in there, too! have great fun on your trip. That gelato is sure to cheer you up.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Lynne! I love the colors -- they're luminous! It would be perfect to wear a few behind my ear with my new shawl!

  5. Now I know why we get along so well! I, too, will travel 800 miles out of my way just for some great food ;)

  6. Hey, hey, isn't Wangaratta on the way to Wodonga???????????? They must have something else at the mill shop besides Bluebell in drack colours and last year's Feathers.....


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