Peewees and a very dirty car

G'day all!

Well today was not too bad a day at all. OK, I had to go to work but I was given another bit of work to do! HOORAY! Plus the stuff that is about to be overdue is being pushed out because we didn't know that the person who needs to provide their opinions on the stuff is away this week.

At lunchtime I went for a little walk with Leisel down to the Yarra River. Leisel took in the view along the casino across the river:

It was very pleasant indeed in the sun but alas I had forgotten the chart and sat there looking at my knitting sure that I had it wrong. I didn't but instead I just dilly dallied in the sun. I could've stayed there all afternoon.

The train trip home was uneventful but I got a very rude shock when I got back to my car. I had parked near a powerpole the day before and had a few vague scatterings of bird poo on my car but NOTHING could've prepared me for this:

OHMIGOD! There are two pee wees, mudlarks, magpie larks, call them what you will nesting above the place I parked my car (I'll see if I can get a picture of them tomorrow - I didn't for some reason today, I was probably in shock). I could not believe how much POO was on my car! Like these birds must just crap all day long! I know that they hate cars cos they see their own reflection in them, and being territorial dive bomb the "intruder" but this is a little OTT don't you think?

(Which reminds me - I've never seen Nutmeg react to a reflection of herself until last night, when she saw her reflection in the piano. She walked to the end of the piano and stuck her head around the corner, but there was no cat there. So she moved back and there's that cat again! Head around the corner again and the cat is gone! She did this a few times before ignoring it. I reckon that cats cast an SEP over reflections - they are Someone Else's Problem.)

So when I got home in my filthy little car, I washed him with the help of Nathan on the waterblaster. Much better now:

So no pics of the spinning yet again - car had to have all that muck washed off him before it ate all the paintwork off and ate through the back window and tried to monster me! That used up the evening sunlight. Ah well, another time!



  1. OMG...I've never seen so much bird poo on one car in my life. LOL. You were brave to put Liesel so close to the water...still holding on to the other end I hope!! She looks beautiful. I have harloted to another couple of projects and away from Liesel for christmas stuff. So I feel I must do them first. But I'll finish her eventually.

  2. Oh my, that's quite a lot of poo. Bit of overkill I'm thinking. Glad it came off easily. That stuff can strip paint off a car!

  3. Looks like those little birdies didnt like your car very much...Either that or they liked looking at it so much they stayed above it all



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