Avast, slow down, me hearties

G'day all!

Today be "Talk like a Pirate Day", 19 September. Avast there! Aaaarrrrrrr! (This post be written in very poor poirate speak.)

Arrr, this be what you can get done when you wait 2 hours to see a doctor. Not that poirates see doctors cos poirates are always sailing the seas or a-visitin Davy Jones' Locker! Yes, one of the sleeves for the pink top be done. I pillaged and looted the old sleeves for their lace. The front be done too. You've seen the back. And since I start writing this todee, the second sleeve be done.

Aarr, and what could this be? Some form of not-so-eensy-weeny string bikini? Some form of blog-inspired venereal disease? But clever pirates be knowin how to avoid VDs....

I be readin too - still ploughin through Trudi's books. (What's that? Of course pirates can read - how else can pirates be findin treasure maps and work out the directions??) I be enjoyin 'em lots. Nathan finished them on Saturday and had a hissy fit cos something happened that he didn't want to happen. Boys! I be finished the last one now. Now I know why Nathan be havin a hissy fit. And I be still awaitin fer discussions on HP6 - I hear intriguing ideas 'ere an there.

I be tagged twice by Di and Cathy for the same meme. Memes seem to be a form of VD too - they spread as quick as the clap did last year! Here be the meme:

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

and here be what I said in that post.
Lord help us if we lived somewhere where you get blizzards and can't get out of the house for days - we can go out in this weather but it isn't as pleasant as it could be.

Methinks this be a whinge about the crappy weather we ad in November last year just after me boirthday!

If ye wish to loot and pillage this ere meme from me, well avast me earties! Prepare to take on boarders!

Nah, ye be welcome to it. I not be taggin noone with this here meme cos I've already tagged me earties with one and it be no treasure map.

Apologies to those who have been expecting a bit more effort from me recently - effort has been hard to come by. It is the hayfever and cold and gastro silly season here, and I've had the lot in the last month, nicely topped off by some most excellent left sided sinusitis which flared up today. I get sinus problems when I am worn out. DH congratulated me on looking terrible this morning. So I've been rather quiet recently since the enormous blog on Saturday, which was actually Friday's blog that I forgot to finish. Plus the power outage brought my image server, hawthorn, down no more than a minute after I finally got the blog published, so the link to the dress pics didn't work for the weekend. Whilst hawthorn is down, there is no point me doing pics.

Ah well, it will all work out soon enough!


(PS no poirate talk tomorrow, me earties. No more eatin pieces of 8 and ardtack)


  1. I love the pirate speak! Unfortunately I have to give a presentation today or I'd totally join in!

  2. Oooer - Captain Jack Sparrow has taken over the good ship Yarnivorous!


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