Happy anniversary to us!

G'day all!

Well a year ago today, Nathan and I were wed. Ohhhh.....

The weather was foul but everything else was grand. We had a fun day :-)

Today we drove back from the Grampians. Didn't want to leave. Never want to leave - that is the problem with going up there. We only had one full day up there. Why would you want to leave this view off the front verandah of the place we stayed at:

or this little bit of paradise:

to come home to steenky work?

But I wanted to get home by 3 today so we could fix up things and get all tidied away before we choof off to the PiL's for dinner. Isn't that nice - they are cooking us dinner so that we don't have to argue over whose turn it is to cook dinner. LOL

Now did I do any crafting over the weekend? You betcha! Did I managed to find some places to buy fibre along the way? You betcha! More later, along with more pics of the Grampians. But first I gotta tidy myself up for a dinner :-)



  1. You both look gloriously happy! I assume that pic is from your wedding day? I notice that Nate is wearing a cape, was it a traditional ceremony of some sort? That place does look lovely, what a view! And you found fiber along the way. Sounds perfect!

  2. Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary! :-)

  3. Congrats on your anniversary. Dont know the location of where you went but it looks nice. How romantic.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more!

  5. Wishing You Many Happy Anniversaries to come. I LOVE your bridal look. loved the hair the bouquet the gown and thes scarf. loved the grampians volcanic wood-nymph effect. you are a star.


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