G'day all!

My fingies are going a dainty shade of green. Fingers should not be green, but it seems some of the dye is coming off the sock yarn I spun a while ago. I have been swatching on some 3.5mm addi turbos cos they are the only needles I could find in circs and in the right size for my yarn. At least the metal needles shouldn't turn green - I can guarantee that bamboo would and maybe even plastic would get a green glow.... I searched all over town for the needles. Mmm, maybe I exaggerate - I guess Marta's would have them and they did! Anyway, I have been playing to get the sizing right. Depsite the fact I should be using 56 stitches for my foot width and the yarn swatching, I actually have to reduce the stitches to about 48 cos the sock was going to be monstrous on my foot - I like them to stretch a little on my foot, not be sitting loosely about it.

Here's a marvellous picture of the just cast on again sock. So exciting! NOT! Do you love the amazing zing from the flash on the needle? Like the gleam of the gold tooth on a crooked dealer. So inspiring with confidence.

The provisional cast on I used is much easier than the one where you crochet up a chain and then knit up stitches from that. This one uses a string (the white yarn) to anchor the stitches. Sooooo dead easy (K and A2 I'll have to show you it - amazing).

I also started Yet Another Pair of Socks on the train today. I couldn't take the pink top cos it is getting close to the armhole shaping and having to measure it is a pain in the butt when you have no room to manoeuver without sticking a needle in your own or someone else's eye or whipping them with the measuring tape, etc. It might be a new way to meet people but I don't really want to start a new friendship based on pain, let alone appear in court on assault charges.

Here's a pic of the pink top, reincarnated in its new more fitted form. Not much to show yet!

Still waiting for this to be released

(Alison - email me - my addy is on the right hand bar cos I want to ask you some questions about your drafting style. In the meantime, have a look at this page from the Harlot. It might help a bit.)

OK, I think the link to Yarnivorous Yarns should now work - I've put a button on my sidebar to the right. Let me know if it works! I still haven't done a shopping cart but I should put in a link to a currency converter RSN. The Oz dollar is weaker than the USD (1 AUD equals about 0.77USD) or pound sterling (1 AUD equals about 41p).

BTW, Norlins was not top of the news for the first time in a week. The plane crash in Indonesia was, followed by umm something else oh yeah the insensitivity of a pollie in cracking jokes about a colleague who tried to commit suicide after a monumental stuff up, a bus crash in NSW, then naw orlins. Looks like the focus has to change to the people in the Bayou now, well whoever remains of them.

Time to drag me off to bed - you should see how bad my typing was before I "proofed" this post.



  1. An especially funny post :) Now whenever light shines on my aluminum needles I will think of gold teeth! Your top os looking lovely, and that IS alot of progress. Can't wait to see it on. I also am patiently (not) waiting for the Harlot book!

  2. "Purest green!"

    OK, it isn't quite as lurid as Percy's alchemy attempts :-)

    The pink top reincarnation is looking good ...


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