Could it be...

Half of a finished object?

G'day all!

Yes, indeedy that is the afterthough heel grafted shut, the ends tidied up and the sock on my foot!

Hooray! The first sock, actually the second sock knitted, is done. It might be a trifle long in the foot but it's not behaving too badly at this stage.

Stayed at home today cos I bent over in a wrong way last night and something really started hurting in my left butt-tock (think Forrest Gump). It hurt lots. Eventually got it to settle today and crawled off to the chiro anyway, who said I had managed to get one of my hamstring tendons hooked on the edge of my greater trochanter (which is the bumpy bit on the top of the femur if I am not mistaken but I often am mistaken, so please correct me if I am wrong). Because I could walk sorta ok but sitting down hurt like being stabbed (or like when I had shingles), I got lots of upright things done. Pity that Nathan was not in a talky mood - he tells me how much he would like me to stay home with him and then when I do, he disappears off to uni for most of the day or just has a grumpy day cos he wants more cave time. So I am a little sad and lonely, even after craft night. Plus cos he was in cave mode he didn't make me any dinner AGAIN (I've cooked for me/him every night this week so far and like who is the one who is slaving at work except when I say stuff it, I HURT!). Me - feel underappreciated? Never! No, no, not me! (mebbe a little whole LARGE bit)

Anyway, this is not the spot for whinging, so I'll slope off to bed and bid you



  1. Your socks are LOVELY! And on the food front, do what I do, order a pizza!

  2. those socks are so cute! they look super happy, which is how socks should be. also, happy first day of spring! well, that's what my desktop calendar is telling me it is for you, but i don't know how the time difference thing might screw that up. hope it's a nice one!

  3. The sock looks really nice.

    I do most of the cooking around home.

    DH's idea of cooking is take-out or going to a restaurant.


  4. The sock looks totally wild! LOVE it!

    Mmm yes I find myself doing most the cooking at home. When I tell DH to do dinner I end up doing about half anyway.


  5. I hope you feel better soon. The sock is awesome. I love how it turned out!

  6. Ouch hope that sorts itself out soon! Are you in a fit state to give DH a swift kick up the backside - sounds like he needs one :-D

    Love the rainbow sockie too. I want to learn to knit socks. At the moment I can't quite figure out DPNs, but I love my circular needles :-)

  7. Anonymous11:45 pm

    dood, i want socks like that! those are awesome!!11


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