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G'day all!

Jillian tagged me for the me meme. So if you wanted knitting and spinning content, you won't find much here.

10 years ago:
What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was definately working on my PhD. Was I living in 3/1 Panorama St? I must've been. This means that I had broken up with my boyfriend two months earlier and was very unhappy. (Incidentally, I just discovered that he and another friend are now engaged - hooray! At last! It's taken him long enough!) In another month I pranged my beloved car (blasted people who stop at the *exit* of an intersection in heavy rain at night cos they see a red light ahead of them whilst turning right....) and was basically suicidal. I had the means but couldn't work out the exactlogistics. My friends were looking after my ex, who had dumped me and was severely depressed, and left me to find new friends. I did find a new group to hang out with and RR looked after me through the bad patch, for which I remain very grateful. I was not knitting at this time - too busy with thesis.

5 years ago:
I had met Nathan, we had been together for about 10 weeks. I was working as a claims assessor and studying "part time" in ESD - environmentally sustainable development. Nathan was whinging about not seeing me much cos I had to study every night and most of the weekend to keep up - so much for an "introductory" course. It was called introductory but the new coordinator of the course thought that was boring and changed the syllabus to cater for people who already worked in the field. Didn't update the course description though. Gee thanks! (NB - gave up study after that) I was having time off from knitting - too much study.

1 year ago:
Nathan and I were just wed. We were about to take off on our honeymoon to Western Australia. What a fabulous trip, though I don't want to spend three weeks driving 8500km in my little car in a hurry again. (Petrol prices in Melbourne now exceed those we paid on the trip - impressive, huh, cos they were about 30 cents a litre more than city prices at the time...). Knitting and spindling.

Now the yesterday and today are missing but honestly, yesterday and today were fairly much writeoffs cos they were work days. BORING!

5 snacks:
GF, DF chips (aka crisps by some people)
GF DF jelly lamingtons
GF, DF oven chips (aka fries by some people)
GF, DF corn thins
GF, DF choccy bikkies
(detecting a theme there? Now if I could eat gluten and dairy, it would be Magnum icecreams, mint slices, light and tangy chippies, almost anything chocolate and mint and cheese TWISTIES! Oh how I miss thee my cheese twisties!)

5 songs I know all the words to:
Weird Al's Albuquerque (even though I can't spell it - A L B U kerkee!)
Gone Fishin (instead of just a wishin)
Summertime ( and the living is easy - with a little refersher course)
Amost any song off Queen's albums A day at the Races, A Night at the Opera and News of the World.
Almost any song off ELO's A New World Record.
(Do you detect another theme there? I listen to nearly anything but don't like most hip hop, rap and doof doof music)

5 things I would do with $100 million:
invest (and live off the interest and work where I will when I will rather than being stuck in a dead end job)
invest (and dabble in philanthropy)
invest (and buy conservation properties and install custodians for them)
look after me and mine - pay off mortages, buy nice cars (nothing fancy, nothing european especially if the indicator stalk is on the wrong side), buy a house for me and Nathan, set Nathan up in his nursery that he'd like to run, my yarn/spinning shop, travel, etc.

5 places to run away to:
New Zealand
Western Australia
the Galapagos
Ancient stone sites of Europe and England
(Am not game to go to exotic places - would probably die of gluten poisoning. No fun travelling if you spend most of your time in the toilets....)

5 things I would never wear:
never say never baby!
OK, seriously,
Something two sizes too small for me
hot pants
boob tubes
beige and other browny neutrals
G-strings on the outside

5 favourite TV shows (my all-time faves list):
Babylon 5
Blake's 7
New Dr Who
Bill and Ben (the flowerpot men)
umm, number five - a few are jockeying for this spot... ummm....maybe Black Adder?

5 biggest joys:
waking up and not having to go to work - instant pep-up!
snuggling the boy or the cats
being able to travel to beautiful places with marvellous wildflowers in 2-3 hours
playing with colour
singing in a group in perfect harmony

5 toys:
digital camera
spinning wheel
umm, err, crikey, I dunno.

5 people to pass this on to:

The Drop Stitch Knitter
Knitty in Pink
The Knitter's Last Stand
If Gibbering or A2 pass by and want to join in the fun, yeah, why not?

This morning when I got into work, there was a flood in the break out area. Noone had bothered doing anything about it until three people all walked in and looked and went, oh. problem. botheration! Other people had totally ignored it. It was like the three of us saw through the SEP (someone else's problem) field.

Turns out the hot water billi was leaking - the insides of the cupboard it sits in were covered in condensation but I couldn't figure out how that caused a flood. The billis sit in a copper tray to ensure any floods are contained. The copper tray leaks. Useful, huh?

Anyway, whilst we were waiting for the flood to be mopped up, I wrote up a couple of signs. My company's current marketing campaign is based around 'the (company name) "(insert something witty here)" plan. eg the XXX "I don't want to be riding this tram when I am 80" plan. My version is 'the XXX "we didn't plan on having a flood" plan.' It has apparently caused a few giggles, even for the lucky guy whose desk was directly under the flood. I kindly consoled him with the happy news that at least it was water cos I can remember an incident at another location with either the men's showers or the urinals leaked water onto the floor below.... charmed!

At work, I've been looking at some guidelines on helping people stop smoking whilst in hospital (am actually looking for cotinine testing info). They recommend that people who are NOT tobacco users do not have nicotine replacement therapy! Why ever would that be? Because they are not
addicted to cigarettes?

Knitting news? I knitted more pink top front. That's your knitting news! I would've knitted more of it this arvo than I did but the blasted new ball of yarn played silly beggars with me and when I tried to pull the centre thread out, tangled magnificently. Took me 10 minutes to fix up the mess! Still, I am almost done with the armpit shaping, now for the rest of the front. Shouldn't take as long as the back cos I have a neck hole to shape around.

Here's your pics for the day. A blurry roo (not clickable) as seen through the flywire of the dunny (I like a loo with a view!):

And a lovely valley view from near Sundial peak taken by Nathan cos yours truly became famished and needed a toot break. Why not use the bush? umm, well, you see we have lots of heathy plants with very sharp and pointy leaves in our bush (and I don't want them in the royal our bush).... do you need any further reason?



  1. should I be encouraging your roving purchases?!?! If you shop on ebay checkout this seller in her seller name is LAVENDER EWE I dunno if this is cheap for merino tops but she has a sale thats $4.95 for 100g...and other stuff..

    I love the view from your loo ;)

    If you ever want to move to Tassie I have a whole S'n'B group that would love to meet ya ;)


  2. Thanks Katt for promoting our SnB group.

    By all means Lynne move to Tassie. We would welcome you with open arms. (Nathan could also open a nursery here as the plants grow really well.) We also need you down in Launceston so you can show us your spinning and maybe get us spinning too.

    I will get to the meme as soon as I have time to think over the answers.


  3. I answered the meme .. can we have a shorter one next time! LOL

    (changed my Blogger screenname by the way)

    KnittyInPink xx


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