I just nearly burnt the house down!

I forgot to turn off the slow cooker last night. I was overdyeing the 50:50 silk wool that I wasn't totally happy with.... I had put it in the laundry cos Nathan hates the smell of hot silk. Of course I forgot all about it cos it was in the laundry.

I have no idea how long it will take to get rid of the smell of burnt hair. The house reeks of 80 grams of carbonised hair. I can't have a shower until the smell dies down cos my hair just absorbs stenches (like it has this morning - it stinks a LOT!).

So, dreamcatcher, it will be even longer before your birthday present arrives...

(Did I cry? What do you think if you had just carbonised a friend's well overdue birthday present and nearly burned the house down?)


  1. oh no! i've done similar things before with leaving the oven on. it's all been while cooking though, nothing fiber related. my condolences on the loss of your silk :(

  2. Whoops! Sounds like the sort of thing I would do, but so far haven't...

    My guess about the triangle is the infamous Clap, of which I am knitting a narrower version than the original - to make a scarf rather than a wrap.

  3. Oh crumbs, the main thing is the house is in one piece!


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