Foul treachery!

G'day all!

We got a phone call from the real estate agent an hour ago. Our landlord, the one that we had a good relationship with a year ago, has decided that he wants to sell the house we live in. Not that he rang us up and told us so himself.

ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! (and that is not pirate speak!)

We don't have enough money to try to buy it, so it looks like we are going to be on the move. Also, is it worth buying even if we did have the money ($440K) - it is going to need the whole south wall replaced, window frames replaced, etc. Bottom bottom bottom and poo!

Nathan is talking moving in with his parents. Ack. It would be cheaper but like yeah, especially if his little brother is still at home playing very loud computer games at 2am. We'd have to put heap of stuff into storage - some of it could go full stop but other stuff is too good to turf.

Plus the car that we found a buyer for? The guy who owned the car won't give out his bank details cos he says that once people have your account details they can swipe money out of it, and like the buyer of the car is my SISTER and if I can't trust her then crikey, we are in strife. Um hello? Any ebayers out there who do the money transfer thing? How many times has someone stolen money out of your account? There are indemnity things in Australia anyway.

Sigh. Life is suddenly more grumpy. Ah well, all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

SnB tonight. Hooray! If I decide to go. I should cos it will stop me grumping. Nathan has people coming around so they will entertain him.

Here's a necklace that I put together for a friend. So simple. She bought most of the fixings, except the clasp and crimps. Each of the stones is about 4cm/1.5" long. Pretty, eh? So shiny I couldn't get a good shot of it. (OK I need a light tent but this was taken in the car on the way to giving it to her.) I really like the stone in the centre - looks like a landscape.

And now I am peeved cos I won't see the tibouchina in flower after we "liberated" it. It is only just coming back to life:



  1. Man what a shit your landlord is!

    I am worried about our landlord doing that...Though we arent through a real estate so they would have to do the dirty work themself...We dont get along with them at times.

    Our place needs work..I would love to buy it but it with having to replace a lot of things..Sigh


  2. I'm sorry to hear about your landlord situation. That's really a pain in the ass. I'm sure it'll all work out though. Things happen for a reason after all! (if you believe in that sort of thing that is)

  3. yep been there done that. we had our landlord tell us one day that no they won't be rebuilding for another year and then a week later we hear from the agent that we've been given notice! good luck on the house hunting.

  4. maybe you could visit the flower when it blooms? when will you have to move? and yes, little brothers can be so annoying with video games (cars, girls, etc)

  5. Anonymous5:33 am

    Sorry to hear life's got more grumpy - just when you were starting to get some perspective on the work stuff, too. Are you sure you'll have to move? If another 'investor' buys the place, they may be very happy to have a good tenant in place already.

    If you do have to move, I recommend buying if you can, but think through all your options very thoroughly first. Personally, I can't think of anything worse than living with in-laws, but I was 17 and DH 20 when we married, and we made our own way from then on. Independence or death, for us. LOL.

    Hang in there - things will get better.


  6. Charles9:28 am

    Well, if its any consolation, the first 3 houses we tried to rent disappeared because at last minute the owner decided to sell.

    Oh, and I did give the bank details, before complaining how insecure it was. Nathan's mail just didn't receive them. And it is insecure. It's just that everyone does it.


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